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How to draw an oak tree


How to draw an oak tree</a>

Do you want to depict a mighty oak in your composition? Or draw it in a personal picture?

After spending less than 5 minutes, you can draw a magnificent oak tree with a pencil and a sheet of paper.

You will need

  • -Paper
  • -Simple pencil
  • -Eraser
  • -Colors or Pencils



Start drawing from the trunk. Draw two straight parallel lines and draw a couple of branches pointing upwards. Do not press hard on the pencil so that you can easily erase unnecessary lines.


Give the branches of density. Add as many branches as you want. Each branch must end at the end with a short straight line.


Tapping the pencil lightly marks the crown. Note that the crown of the oak is magnificent.


Draw the crown of oak in more detail. Add small curls to make up the volume.


Work on the barrel. Draw the texture of the tree. Add the branches of oak to the expressiveness, make them thick.


Circle the main lines with a black pencil and erase the extra ones. Color pencils paint your oak.

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