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How to draw Naruto stages pencil

How to draw Naruto stages pencil

Naruto Uzumaki - a famous hero of Japanese anime. Characters such comics fairly easy to draw a pencil in stages.

If you want to learn how to depict anime pictures, try starting with the guy to learn how to draw Naruto.

You will need

  • A sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser, crayons or markers



Draw a perfect circle in the center of the sheet. If you get ill, you can use the compass. It is also convenient to draw a smooth circles using a stencil. As it is possible to use any jar or glass.


Circle stencil pencil gently on itscontour. Spend a smooth vertical line by dividing it into two parts circle. Just below the middle, draw a horizontal bar. You now have a marking by which the person will be able to easily draw anime character.


Just above the horizontal line marking slideslightly concave bottom of the figure to the line. From her draw an oval face boys. These lines must be slightly convex. At the bottom end the figure slightly rounded pointed chin.


To draw Naruto pencil, addoval face eye outline, nose and mouth. The eyes should be placed on a horizontal line marking in the form of large tonsils. Spout is yet composed of two points. Mouth place on the bottom line marking the circle.


Add pupils to the drawing, paint over them. Draw two small bars in the area of ​​hair growth. Spend curved lines Naruto eyebrows. Do not forget to add the stripes on the cheeks.


Draw ears anime hero, placing them on the vertical line marking the level. Draw the image with a bandage on her flowing hair.


Complete the picture depicting Naruto haircut in the form of a cartoon hedgehog. Draw details Man dressing.


That's how you got to draw Naruto in stages. Now trace the main lines of a pencil image, increasing the pressure, and unnecessary details erase eraser. Paint a picture.

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