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how to draw a monster high in stages

The heroes of the animated series "School of monsters" - cute and lovely girl. However, they are the children of famous horror movie characters and a variety of horror stories.

So Frankie Stein - is the daughter of Frankenstein's monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

But no matter what modern girls fell in love with this doll and want to learn to paint Monster High stages.



Draw a circle and two lines on it, in whichwill continue to be located eyes and nose Frankie. Spend the neckline to the place where the dolls would be bottom of the skirt, mark it curved line. Add the line marking the shoulders and arms. Draw two pentagon, as in the photo - the chest and hips. Add curved lines down.


Draw details of the face. Between the lines marking picture the girl's upper eyelids with the eyelashes, and between the eyes - nose. Draw an oval face and neck Monster High Frankie Stein.


Do not forget to add to the picture screws, screwed into the neck of the girl and the scars on his face. Draw the hair and the elements of his jacket.


Complete drawing blouse Frankie: the sleeves and collar. Draw the fingers. Paint the part of the hair strands, giving them thus the volume.


On the jacket put a logo in the form of a small skull. Draw skirt Monster High, as shown in the image. Draw lines down.


Dress up a doll from the "School of monsters" in the high-heeled shoes. Do not forget about the small joints of the operations of Dr. Frankenstein on girls feet.


Despite the fact that the paint Monster Highstages is difficult, these instructions you should all turn out. If you wish, you can paint a picture in pencil, or add to it the bright colors with the help of markers.

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