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How to draw kokoshnik

How to draw kokoshnik

Nowadays kokoshniki is not a compulsory subject wardrobe of any woman, except, perhaps, the Snow Maiden.

But before the girls, wishing to marry, he asked for mercy in the Mother of God with the words "cut my little head kokoshnichkom".



Make a sketch of the headdress. Form kokoshnik can be rounded or dome-shaped top. Also, there are horned kokoshnikiWhich is necessary to cover the veil. Reflect in the figure that the headdress consists of a dense frame covered with cloth. The whole design is sewn to the cap, the back is attached to the tape head. Try to kokoshnik size corresponds with the size of the head and shoulders pattern.


Draw a grid consisting of yarns or beadspearls, which covers the forehead model. This element is called hu kokoshnik. Draw vite beads that looks like interlacing bundles in the basketball basket. At the level of finished hu brow beads, larger in size than those involved in the grid.


Draw on the sides kokoshnik flowing threadpearls. Typically, they are the same length, but there are such headgear in which filaments spaced further from the neck model, longer than those that are closer. At the ends of draw a larger pearls.


Draw a wide tape, fixing on kokoshnikhead. They are usually made of satin. Draw a bow at the back of the first vertebral model. Tapes can be decorated with gold embroidery, as a pattern, use the ornament of leaves and flowers.


Decorate the main outline of the headgear. Usually when decorating kokoshniks used pearls, beads, gold thread, semi-precious stones. They are arranged so that they form a symmetrical pattern about a central vertical line. As an ornament for this garment items selected images of animals. Traditionally, kokoshniki decorated with schematic representations of flowers.


Paint sketch kokoshnik. Remember, pearl headdress worn to the wedding, at other times used the cheaper bubbly. Keep track of colors corresponding to the main part of kokoshnik and tapes.

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