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How to draw kokoshnik


How to draw kokoshnik</a>

In our time, kokoshniki are not a mandatory subject of the wardrobe of any girl, except, perhaps, the Snow Maiden.

And before the girls, wanting to get married, asked for mercy from the Virgin with the words "cover my little head with a kokoshnichkom."



Make a sketch of the headdress. The shape of the kokoshnik can be rounded from above or domed. Also there are unicorns Kokoshniki, Which must be covered with a veil. Reflect in the figure that the headdress consists of a dense frame, covered with a cloth. All this design is sewn to the cap, behind is fastened to the head with ribbons. Try to make the size of the kokoshnika correspond to the size of the head and shoulders of the model.


Draw a grid consisting of threads of beads orPearl, which covers the forehead of the model. This element kokoshnika called ochelie. Figure the bead of the bead, which looks like a weave of bundles in a basketball basket. At the level of the superciliary arcs, finish the bead with beads larger in size than those participating in the grid.


Draw on the sides of the kokoshnika falling threadsPearls. Usually they are the same length, but there are such hats, in which the threads that are farther from the neck of the model are longer than those that are located closer. At the ends draw larger pearls.


Draw wide ribbons that fasten the kokoshnik toHead. Usually they were made from satin. Draw a wide bow behind the level of the first vertebra of the model. Tapes can be decorated with gold embroidery, as an ornament, use the ornament of leaves and flowers.


Decorate the sketch of the main part of the headdress. Usually when decorating kokoshniki used pearls, beads, golden threads, semi-precious stones. They were arranged so that they formed a symmetrical pattern with respect to the central vertical line. As an ornament for this detail of clothing did not choose the image of animals. Traditionally Kokoshniki Decorated with schematic images of flowers.


Color the sketch of the kokoshnik. Remember that the pearl hat was worn at the wedding, at the rest of the time they used cheaper beaded ones. Watch for the matching colors of the main part of the kokoshnik and tapes.

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