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How to Draw Japanese Comics


How to Draw Japanese Comics</a>

Japanese comics ("manga") are very popular not only in Japan, but also far beyond its borders. They are read by both adults and children, although most of the fans belong to the youth.

The technique of drawing manga is not a national secret of the Land of the Rising Sun, so anyone can learn how to draw Japanese comics today.

You will need

  • - a simple pencil of three kinds (T, TM and M),
  • - paper,
  • - ruler.



Draw a circle. Divide it by a vertical line into two equal halves and two horizontal lines on a third. Further from the bottom horizontal line draw two intersecting lines. In the formed corner, draw a small line. This will be the approximate chin size of your character. From the end points of the lower horizontal line, draw two rounded lines to the conventional chin boundary. So you will mark the cheekbones. Thus, you will get the basic shape of the face.


Draw a curved, thickened at the break, the line. For the right eye, make the left end of the line above the right, and for the left eye - on the contrary. This is the border of the upper eyelid. From the ends of it, draw two dotted lines, with which you can determine the optimal position of the lower border of the eye. The slope of the auxiliary lines will determine the width and height of the eye. Then draw an oval inside the resulting borders, but so that part of the future iris is covered by the upper eyelid. After that draw a glare, and under them a pupil. Finish drawing the eye</a> Contours of eyelashes and eyebrows. Erase all auxiliary lines.


Draw a wedge for the nose at the very bottom of the lastThird of the circle you have drawn for your head. The main part of the wedge crosses the boundary of the circle. Right under the nose, slightly lower, draw a long line of the mouth, and under it is a small line that indicates the chin. However, the last line is optional, it is not necessary to draw on the character's face.


Draw individual strands of hair on the central andThe top third of your base head shape. You can refine your hair as you please. You do not need to draw every hair. Drawing entire individual strands, you can collect from them such hairstyles as you want.


Draw a sketchy skeleton of the hero, breakingImage on separate blocks. It is best to design the abdomen and articulation of the muscles with elongated ovals, then you can imagine the three-dimensional structure of the human body. Take into account the deformation of the body when moving.

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