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How to draw a nest


How to draw a nest</a>

A nest is a building of inhabitants of the earth and water for residing, deducing of posterity and protection of similar.

Nests are very different in their architecture and construction methods.

How to draw the nests of our smaller brothers?

You will need

  • - Paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



Draw a bird's nest on a tree. In the middle of the sheet, sketch out the pencil. Draw a tree trunk - a vertical straight, wide line with a branch going to the right. In the deepening of the "tick" of the tree draw a circle, part of which is hidden behind a side branch.


At the top of the circle draw an elongated oval,Located horizontally. The lower part of the nest is densely shaded by vertical short lines. Above the hatching, alternate between light and dark horizontal lines - the nest building layers.


Draw the upper boundary of the circle in short strokes. Draw the left part of the oval in dark color, the middle - the lighter one, and leave the right part light. Plant a bird on the nest.


Draw a nest of a woodpecker. Draw an elongated rectangle, located vertically - the tree trunk. In the middle of the trunk, draw a figure that resembles an elongated drop with an outward opening. At the very bottom of the nest, draw chicks with beaks stretching upward.


Draw a nest of fish. At the bottom of the landscape sheet, draw a large circle, and in its middle another much smaller size. A small circle is darkened, and the space between the boundaries of the circle is filled with short broken lines repeating the outlines of the nest. Add rare algae - wavy vertical lines - and draw a ripple of water with short horizontal strokes. Do not forget to add the inhabitants - the fish.


Draw a nest of a frog. Draw two ovals, one of which is located in the other. Large oval fill in small circles, symbolizing the building material. The middle of the small oval is divided into two parts by a horizontal line. The bottom part is water. Draw in the water roots. Place two large sheets along the frog's nest.

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