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How to draw Ingres Berdz

How to draw Ingres berdz

Game Ingres Berdz (Angry Birds) is very popular notOnly among children and adolescents, but also in the adult community. But as for days to sit at the computer or the phone is very harmful, try to portray favorite characters in pencil on paper.

So, read the step by step instructions on how to draw a bird of Ingres Berdz.



To draw Ingres Berds, prepare a sheet of paper, pencil and eraser, colored markers, crayons or paint.


A simple pencil, draw an oval, similar toegg, tapering towards the top. split it down the middle into two halves by a vertical line. Horizontal stripes draw, departing one third of the top of the bird.


In the next step the contour circle eggs and scroll to the top of the crest of its Ingres Berdz.


On the dividing line, draw two largeoval eyes. Just above their central add flattened circles, place the bird pupils in them, as shown in the picture. Draw a curved line in the middle. This is the basis of the beak. Under her conduct in the form of a broken top of a triangle upside down with slightly curved edges.


Doris klyuchvom a semicircle, pointed at the very bottom, and the left side of the beak otchertite priotryty mouth.


To draw a beautiful stages Berdz Ingres,circle contour pictures grease pencil. Erase the rough line eraser. Paint the picture with bright colors or markers, and enjoy their work.


Paint the other characters Ingres Berds easily using this scheme, changing only minor details - the shape of eyes, beaks, wings. To do this, prepare yourself a clear example of a picture.

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