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How to draw hearts Vkontakte

How to draw hearts Vkontakte

Social networks take a decent niche in the communication of people.

A great number of friends and relatives waiting for news every day. The possibilities are wide social networks, you can congratulate a person with a gift, just give attention to the sign, to share happiness.

Declaration of love through VKontakte unusual soul can draw a picture of their own, such as a heart.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - Paint or some other drawing program and redaktirovaniya-
  • - An account in the social network VKontakte.



The reason for sending heart is not necessary - enoughjust want to share positive emotions with friends and loved ones. His creation, made with the soul is worth more than any professional card. If you have a talent for drawing, it is to apply. Use the Paint program. Program name translates to "draw" and suggests to create their own hands. Please go to the menu and select "Programs", then go to "Accessories" and there you will find the right editor. Open and start to draw what most want. Draw a heart.


At the end of the drawing by pressing Printscreen, take a screenshot ( "screenshot"). The desired key is in the top row of keys on the right. Once the "screenshot" will be made, it is automatically placed in the clipboard. Open VKontakte, insert the finished picture and send it to a friend.


Another way of drawing VKontakte hearts -the use of a special key combination. These keys are numbers with rollover Alt. Codes to insert these images look, having the following way. Please go to the main menu, then select "Programs." After that, go to the next page and select the "service." The next step is the "symbol table", where will be placed all the codes, ie a combination of keys that you need to press to get the desired picture.

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