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How to draw a harvester

How to draw a harvester

Combine Harvester - a machine thatat the same time cuts off ears, it separates the wheat from the chaff and wheat pours onto the truck coming next. This mechanism consists of a plurality of parts assembled in a particular order.

How to draw a harvester?

You will need

  • - Landscape larch
  • - karandash-
  • - Eraser.



Sketch the general shape of a pencil combine. In the middle of the sheet, draw a small rectangle. Above him, Doris has one long side of which is two times shorter than the original figure. This will be the main part of the machine with an attached shower.


In the lower left corner of the large rectangledraw a circle - the front wheel in the lower right hand corner, draw a circle of smaller diameter - rear wheel. Draw a straight line, located at an angle to the main body of the harvester. This segment will symbolize the header - the front part of the machine.


Connect the mid-line header with the body combine straight line segments. To attach the rear of the stacker - portray him formless circle.


Draw details of the main body combine. Divide the rectangle in half horizontally. The lower part will grind. Cut corners in places of accommodation of the wheels. Please note that the thresher should go far beyond the rear wheel. Doris ladder.


Draw the pipe through which the grain is poured. Now Draw a cabin window. On the right side of the car is the engine. Draw its visible part in the form of a small dark areas, clearly highlighting the small circle and pipes - one wide and one narrow curved.


For cabin bunker located in the background -Draw an inverted cube. Draw a wheel harvester. The outer border of the front toothed draw a circle. Discs picture a few strokes, repeating a line of wheels.


Draw the details of the header. On both sides of the original picture a line of regular pentagons. Swipe rays from each corner to the middle. Now every angle pieces are connected in pairs straight wide lines with jagged edges. Also connect the middle of pentagons.


Above header to draw the cutting attachmentunit. His picture a small triangle directly under the drum header. Tilt the camera, draw two parallel lines.


Draw the stacker. The upper part of the lattice draw and lower in two major large plates.

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