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How to draw hamster

Draw a hamster can be in four steps

Hamsters? cute little animals. The color of the hamster may be different: black, gray, brown, white, yellow, or mixed.

Draw a hamster, in principle, is simple.

This can be done in four steps.

Let's try to go through them.

You will need

  • For this pattern, you will need a piece of paper,pencils, erasers, and if there is? the final image hamster with whom you can consult in the process of drawing. If you do not have an image, you can use a picture illustrating this article.



Draw the basic shape - any image always begins with it. In this case, the basic form is needed in order to indicate the size of a hamster for itself and its contours.
First, draw a circle? this will be the head, and make a mark? where there will be the nose, eyes and mouth.
After that, under the first circle, draw a second? bigger size. This circle is traced subsequently hamster body.


Then have drawn base form startdrawn parts: legs and muzzle. Thus, the picture will appear on your two circles? eyes, and two triangular molds? ears. Then Draw a sketch of the nose, around the eyes, and something like? Sideburns? on the muzzle. Schedule and Draw paws. Refer to the sample. Looks like? Proceed to the next step.


This - the penultimate step in drawing hamster. You need to look at your picture, if you see that some details were not traced? Draw. Then? start painting fur. The fur hamster should be rounded and short. Once your image is ready? erase unwanted lines and details.


The final step? coloring. If your sketch is similar to the proposed sample, you can paint it in the colors that you like the best. Your drawing is ready.

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