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How to draw a goblin

How to draw a goblin

Goblins - Celtic mythology characters that have become popular in our time, thanks to the works of JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit."

Portraying these fabulous creatures, the artist can give full rein to their imagination.

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - Simple karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - Black marker
  • - Crayons, markers or paint.



Start with the construction drawing pencilauxiliary lines, which will mark the contours of the figure goblin. Draw a circle to indicate the head. Swipe down the line to mark the creature growth. Keep in mind that the proportions of the goblin should be very different from the human. You can, for example, lengthen the torso, legs shortened or make very short, almost invisible neck.


Mark the location of the facial features. Eyes can be represented widely spaced, the nose - a small splayed nostrils like a monkey, and the mouth - bared in a savage grin. Additionally, you can map out the wrinkles on the forehead and pointed ears on the sides of the head.


Draw hands and feet. Determine the volume and shape of the feet and hands. Draw the muscles in the shoulders and hips. You can also think of your goblin will be dressed. Since these creatures in fantasy worlds, as a rule, are located on a fairly primitive stage of development, the entire goblin costume may consist of a loincloth.


Add details. Draw on the goblin's neck a necklace of fangs and feathers. You can also decorate your character leather bracelets on her wrists and ankles. Think about how your character is armed with a weapon. Usually in fantasy literature and computer games goblins used in spear combat and short curved swords, but you can give your character a staff or a long sword.


Draw a clearer head and body of a goblin. Add the fingers curved sharp nails, more like claws. At this point, if desired, can be in a few strokes to designate the world around your character. You can, for example, represent the cliff in the background, and on the front - the bushes.


Draw a black marker drawing contours. Wait until completely dry marker, eraser and erase all the extra pencil lines.


Color the picture with crayons goblin,markers or paints. Typically, the goblins of films and computer games have a greenish-brown color, but you may well make your character or blue-skinned redhead.

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