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How to draw fantasy characters

How to draw fantasy characters

Draw a fantastic character is not very easy. You need to know some of the subtleties that your picture turned out beautiful.

For example, it is necessary to examine the features of construction of the body and its proportions.

You will need

  • The sheet of paper, a pencil, paint, markers, eraser.



Prepare the drawing materials. You must select a fantastic character, which you will draw. Put a visual image in front of him. Sketch drawing in pencil. Draw the torso. Label head. It can have different shapes, depending on what you selected character.


Swipe through the head center of a symmetrical lineto draw the right part of the face. Add the ears, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, if necessary, and cheekbones. Note the addition of ordinary people's bodies, and based on this, depicts a pattern.


Pririsuyte to the body limb. Characters can be clearly unbalanced proportions of the body often. Divide it into several sections detailing each. Draw clothes on the hero. It conveys the nature of your character. Do not forget to paint the hair.


Erase all unnecessary lines and markings. You can shade and shade some parts of the pencil. Add the dark outlines of the ovals or near the feet of the character. If you want, you can decorate a picture.


Paint the resulting product colorpencils, markers or paints. If you are going to paint with watercolors, then wipe with a damp cotton wool pattern. A few minutes later proceed to prettification. Make sure that the paint does not go beyond the contours. Remember to depict the fairy-tale hero, you need to know the individual characteristics. This can be expressed in facial expressions, clothing or other signs.

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