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How to draw fangs

How to draw fangs

As a general rule, the child reaches for a pencil sincetwo years. First he draws circles, sticks and other light elements, and is closer to five years in some children can be called emerging artists.

Most often, children draw their parents, landscapes, animals.

And then many of them there is a question: how correctly to draw fangs predator?

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - Simple karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - A cosmetic pencil.



To master the technique of drawing the fangs you need in two situations: first, if you're going to draw a beast of prey, and secondly, if you're going to a costume party, Halloween, etc.


If you are going to draw the animal's fangs onpaper, do not rush to transfer clean sheets and pencil. First, carefully prepare: put in front of a photo of the beast, consider and explore its shape closely. Prepare a paper, a pencil and an eraser.


Draw an animal's head, and then his body. Be careful to observe the correct proportions. Then picture the paper ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the animal. As you begin to draw the latest, run it in the middle of a thin horizontal line that would divide in half the face of the beast. So it will be easier to draw the fangs on equidistant distance from each other.


Begin drawing the fangs from left to right if youthe right-hander, and right to left if you are left-handed. Spend a curved line (from top to bottom), which would have dropped out of the mouth of the beast a few millimeters. Without taking a pencil, draw a second line of the same, but on the other hand. As a result, should get a little bent elongated triangle. If you want to give the image of the animal's share of aggression, draw the fangs longer.


Once you finish a sketch of one of thecanines, measure ruler distance from the flat line drawn by you earlier. Note the length of this segment and measure exactly the same distance on the other half of the muzzle. It will be a place where you will draw the second tusk. Pick up a pencil and draw exactly the same curved elongated triangle, only so that he caved in to the other side, inside as well as the first canine.


If you draw the fangs on his face (forcostumed presentation or theme parties), take the stick is dark (preferably black) color. Use the drawing algorithm elongated triangles described above. Draw a horizontal line in pencil you do not need, do yourself fangs "by eye", where they are usually found in animals.

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