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How to draw fangs


How to draw fangs</a>

As a rule, a child reaches for a pencil withTwo years. First he draws circles, sticks and other light elements, and already closer to five years some children can rightly be called beginning artists.

Most often, children draw their parents, landscapes, animals.

And then many of them have a question: how to draw fangs correctly to a predator?

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a simple pencil-
  • - eraser-
  • - Cosmetic pencil.



You will need to master the technique of drawing canines in two cases: first, if you are going to draw a predatory beast, and secondly, if you are going to a costume ball, Halloween, etc.


If you are going to draw an animal's fangs onPaper, do not rush to translate blank sheets and pencil. First carefully prepare: put in front of a photo of the beast, examine and study carefully its appearance. Prepare paper, a simple pencil and an eraser.


Draw the head of the beast, and then its trunk. Be careful: observe the correct proportions. Then, paint on paper the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the animal. As soon as you start drawing the latter, draw a thin horizontal line in the middle of it, which would split the face of the beast in half. So it will be easier to draw canines at an equidistant distance from each other.


Begin drawing the canines from left to right, if youRight-hander, and right-to-left if you are left-handed. Draw a curved line (from top to bottom), which would drop from the mouth of the beast by several millimeters. Do not tear off the pencil, draw the second same line, but on the other side. In the end, you should get a slightly bent elongated triangle. If you want to give the image of the animal a share of aggression, draw the fangs longer.


Once you finish the sketch of one of theFangs, measure the distance from the ruler to the flat line you conducted earlier. Remember the length of this piece and measure exactly the same distance on the other half of the muzzle. This will be the place where you will draw the second canine. Pick up a pencil and draw the same curved elongated triangle, just so that it bends in the opposite direction: inside, just like the first canine.


If you draw fangs on your face (forCostume performance or a themed party), take a cosmetic pencil of dark (preferably black) color. Use the elongated triangle drawing algorithm described above. You do not need to draw a horizontal line with a simple pencil, make fangs "by eye" where they are usually found in animals.

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