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How to draw cool superheroes


How to draw cool superheroes</a>

Each time has its own heroes and for the current children and young people such were the Spider Man, Batman, Sailor Moon, Winx and others. As before, our children want to imitate, conform.

They collect stickers and posters with favorite characters.

But in addition to the craving for collecting, in almost every child there is an interest in the creative process, the need to independently reproduce the image of a movie or cartoon on paper.



Winx, Sailor Moon and all the superheroines for girls. The main emphasis when creating a drawing should be drawn on the length of the legs and eyes. Basically, all these cartoons are created in the style of anime. Remember how Tube in "The Adventures of Dunno" painted girls? "More eyes, more. Rotik less, less. " Here everything is based on the same principle. Just do not forget to add one more item: "The legs are longer, longer. A skirt is shorter, shorter. " Beforehand, in order not to disgrace the young generation, do not forget to clarify the hair color, hairstyle and names of the main characters.


Spider Man, Batman, Ninja Turtles and othersHeroes for boys. In general, they are all alike. The most important thing is to designate the biceps, and the facial expression must be stern and adamant. In order not to make mistakes in details, check out the comics and the internet. Well, specify the fine nuances of the fan of this genre.


One way to teach a child to draw isCopying. Print black and white images of characters from the Internet, buy white translucent paper. The picture is put under the paper, and the kid can independently trace the pattern along the already prepared template. Thus, motor memory trains and later the child will be able to create similar images already without outside help.


And you can buy colored crayons and go toStreet. In warm, clear and light weather, it's much more pleasant to paint together on asphalt than sitting at home. The art of graffiti is also quite interesting, but it requires some preparation, and it is not worthwhile to teach the kid to paint on the walls. If necessary, he will learn this himself.

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