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How to draw a cast

How to draw a cast

If you are preparing for the holiday Halloween, is useful to you the ability to draw a ghost. Ghosts can be scary, fun and simply appalling.

To display a recognizable character takes only a few seconds, but you can spend a little more time to make a beautiful and complete picture.

You will need

  • - Landscape larch
  • - karandash-
  • - Eraser.



Draw on a sheet of landscape haunted eyesas two black pieces. Their shape may be different. Besides the usual round, try to draw the eye oval or semicircular shape. The contour of the eye may not only be flat, but undulate. Experiment with the options the eye. Because of this you will be able to get different facial expression of the character.


If you draw inside the small black pieceseyes, consisting of white circles and black dots, the ghost will outwardly resemble the animated skeleton. This will make the character's face terrible even if you draw a smile on it.


To make the eyes more expressive,add the eyebrows above the eyes ghost. You can draw them in the form of thin arcs or short dashes. Depending on the inclination of the features, the ghost of sight can be calm, sinister or frightened.


Next, draw a mouth ghost. To your character has turned out cheerful, draw an arc under the eyes, curved downwards. So you picture the smile on the face of a ghost. If you do the mouth, similar to the letter "O", then his face would be frightened.


Then draw a character's head in the form of an arc. Start the line to the left of the face at the level of the middle eye. Rounding the eye on top, finish line to the right of the person in front of the starting point.


Sketch the outline of a ghost hand. They have to start from the extreme points of the head line. Make hands in the form of elongated ovals. At their ends, draw three sharp finger-like leaves of the trees.


Doris rest of the ghost's body. From the hands of the lower points lower character line slightly sloping. Put them at the bottom of a wavy line.


Erase eraser top line and trapezoid linesseparating the arms from the body. Draw on the body folds ghost. To do this, put three points on an imaginary horizontal line that divides the body in half. From them draw a line down to the bottom of a ghost body. Make the line slightly curved.

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