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How to draw a cast


If you are preparing for the holiday of Halloween, you will need the ability to draw a ghost. Ghosts can be scary, fun and just horrific.

It takes only a few seconds to display a recognizable character, but you can spend a little more time and make a beautiful full-fledged drawing.

You will need

  • - album sheet-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



Draw on the album sheet the eyes of a ghost inThe form of two black figures. Their form can be different. In addition to the usual round, try to draw an oval or semicircular eye. The contour of the eyes can be not only even, but also wavy. Experiment with the variants of the eyes. Thanks to this you can get different expressions of the character's face.


If you draw inside the black shapes smallEyes, consisting of white circles and black dots, the ghost will outwardly resemble the animated skeleton. This will make the face of the character creepy, even if you draw a smile on it.


To make the eyes more expressive,Add eyebrows over the eyes of the ghost. You can draw them in the form of thin arcs or short dashes. Depending on the slope of the dashes, the ghost's sight can be calm, sinister or frightened.


Next, draw the mouth of the ghost. To make your character happy, draw an arc under the eyes, arched down. So you paint a smile on the face of the ghost. If you make a mouth that looks like the letter "O", then his face becomes frightened.


Then draw the head of the character in the form of an arc. Start the line to the left of the face at the mid-eye level. Rounding the eyes from above, finish the line to the right of the face opposite the starting point.


Outline the contours of the hands of the ghost. They should start from the extreme points of the head line. Make your hands in the form of elongated ovals. At their ends, draw three sharp fingers, similar to the leaves of trees.


Draw the rest of the body of the ghost. From the lower points of the character's arms, lower the slightly inclined lines. Connect them at the bottom with a wavy line.


Erase the upper line of the trapezoid and the line with the eraser,Separating hands from the body. Draw on the body of the ghost folds. To do this, put three points on an imaginary horizontal line dividing the body in half. From them, draw the lines down to the bottom edge of the body of the ghost. Make the lines slightly curved.

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