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How to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

How to draw arrows liquid eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner - ideal for emphasizing beautiful eye shape. With its help, you can visually enlarge the density of the eyelashes, increased small eyes, enhance the brightness and brilliance of the iris.

In addition, liquid eyeliner is easy to use - you just learn a few small tweaks.

Select eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is in the collections of manycosmetic brands - from luxury to budget. Before you purchase your own copy, test liner in the store. Apply a few lines on the wrist and vote their brightness and saturation. Good eyeliner dries quickly, keeping the deep color and light natural shine. Rub your finger caused the line - quality tool will not crack or crumble.

Evaluate density liner. The product should not be too thick, intending lumps. However, excessive liquid detergent is not suitable. Brush should be fine and supple, without Tochal hairs. With such a brush can draw arrows of different thickness.
Select the desired color. For evening make-up will suit the classic black eyeliner. Happy appropriately color - chocolate brown, dark blue or gray. For special occasions, you can try a bright or shiny neon eyeliner.

Several methods of applying eyeliner

To remedy does not spread and was kept as acan be longer apply to eyelids fixing base and a thin layer of neutral color shades. If you are not confident that you can easily draw arrows liquid eyeliner, mark the outline with a pencil line. Rate of symmetry, and then proceed to the elaboration of the arrows liquid eyeliner.
Start a line from the middle of the upper eyelid,holding the brush as close to the roots of the eyelashes. Draw thin strokes, superimposing them on one another. For added convenience, hold the lid with your fingers. Keep the brush is not gaining too much money. It is desirable that the eyeliner does not impinge on the eyelashes - dries, it will make them tough.
Keep the arrow to the outer corner of the eye. If your eyelids lowered slightly lift the tail of the arrow up. Then continue the line to the inner corner of the eye. Lower eyelid sum is not necessary, it is better to emphasize shadows or soft pencil. Do not apply eyeliner and the mucous - it can cause severe eye irritation.
Make sure the line between the arrow and growtheyelashes had no light gap. If this happens, carefully fill in the gaps in eyeliner or shadow tone. Be sure nakraste lashes, giving them a beautiful bend - it will do makeup complete.
To visually enlarge the eyes, extend the lineeyeliner at the outer corners of the eyelids. If desired, the line can be a little feather applicator. Do this immediately after application until the hoses have not yet had time to harden.

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