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How to draw an octopus


How to draw an octopus</a>

The simplest thing you can draw with a child is an octopus.

The first tool with which the baby can create a colorful and original masterpiece is his palm.

You will need

  • - set of finger paints-
  • - watercolor paints-
  • - brush-
  • - a pencil.



Prepare a landscape sheet or cardboard. Choose the color you like from the set of finger paints. Apply a layer of paint with a brush or a small piece of a sponge to the palm of your hand.


Attach the palm to the sheet of paper. If the print is not very good, then paint your finger with unpainted spots. You can mix colors on the palm of your hand. It turns out a multi-colored octopus.


Take the drawing in your hands and flip it over. You have an octopus with five tentacles. Draw the missing three tentacles.


Take the white paint. Dip your thumb in the paint and draw two eyes. Two fingerprints should be in places where Octopus eyes.


Take the black paint and dip the little finger into it. Put the black dots on the white prints. The octopus is drawn.


Draw one more Octopus With a pencil. On a sheet of A4 paper, mark the main elements of the composition with thin lines.


Begin drawing from the contour of the head Octopus. Smooth and thin line, bring out the object,Similar to a balloon or an electric lamp. The upper part of the head should be more voluminous. Draw the bottom part slightly elongated. Do not make it very long. The transition from the head to the tentacles of the octopus is imperceptible.


Draw a few spots on the head to emphasize its belonging to the marine habitat.


From the head Octopus Draw a tentacle. At the base they must be thicker than at the tips. Narrow the tentacles gradually. Draw them in a chaotic and voluminous order. Create the illusion of movement Octopus.


On the inner surface of the tentacles, draw a small sucker. Draw them in the form of small circles.


Draw an eye to the octopus. They should be stretched into ovals. Inside each eye, draw oval pupils. Mark your mouth Octopus.


Draw his eyebrows and paint him. When coloring, the color of the suckers should be marked with a darker color than the color of the tentacles.

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