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How to draw a fire escape plan

How to Draw an evacuation plan

An evacuation plan should be in any institution, if there are ten people at the same time is. This number included and employees and possible visitors.

The room, which are both morefifty people, is considered an object of mass stay. In this case, the plan included the evacuation instructions, which determines the actions of the personnel in dangerous situations.

Evacuation plans are developed in accordance with state standards and requirements of "Rules of fire safety in the Russian Federation."

You will need

  • - A floor plan of building-
  • - Each section of the plan, if the floor area exceeding 1000 square meters. m-
  • - Computer graphics redaktorom-
  • - Printer-
  • - Pen or pencil.



Start drafting evacuation plan with itsgraphic part. To do this, take a printout of the relevant sectional or a floor plan in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, the committee on management of municipal or state property or the private owner of the building. If for some reason there is such a plan, do it yourself, denoting all the cabinets, doors and windows, stairs, main and emergency exits. For a small building with a relatively simple layout of the floor plan will be enough. If there are several emergency exits on each floor are installed sliding doors and turnstiles - make a plan for each section.


Drafted plan by hand, scan and storea computer. Apply symbols can be in any graphic redaktoore. Specify the number of cabinets and names of offices. Mark Street, where there are entrances to the building. Indicate on the plan of the place where the rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment and landlines. It is also necessary to identify the place where the hanging evacuation plan. The icons are defined by state standards.


Put arrows escape route. The need for staff and visitors each office to identify the most optimal way out of the building. First, employees and customers are located in the corridor. Draw an arrow through the doorway, the tip of which is directed in the desired direction, in this case - in the direction of the corridor.


Determine which is the closest ladderto this office. movement direction mark line is fatter than the one that shows the way out of the room into the corridor. Try to determine the approximate number of people who can simultaneously be in every office. It is necessary to determine the optimal number of people who will take advantage of each output.


Follow the text part. It indicates warning methods, evacuation procedures, personnel actions, ways to manually activate the fire alarm. Provide graphic and textual part of the plan in compliance with the standards. Its dimensions depend on the purpose. To set the size of the floor plan 40x60 cm, for local - 30x40.


Print out a floor plan or sectionalseveral copies. One copy must be inserted in a frame and hang in a prominent place. Beside him hang emergency numbers. It also can be guide for employees, if it is provided "Rules of fire safety." The second copy is included in the general plan, which is on duty. The master plan is issued employee service liquidation chrezvychaynyh situations upon request.

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