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How to draw an evacuation plan


How to draw an evacuation plan</a>

The evacuation plan should be in any institution, if there can be ten people at a time. This number includes both employees and possible visitors.

A premise where more than oneFifty people, is considered an object of mass stay. In this case, the instruction to determine the actions of personnel in hazardous situations is attached to the evacuation plan.

Evacuation plans are developed in accordance with state standards and the requirements of the "Fire Safety Rules in the Russian Federation".

You will need

  • - floor plan of the building-
  • - The plan of each section, if the floor area exceeds 1000 sq. M. M-
  • - computer with a graphic editor-
  • - Printer-
  • - pen or pencil.



Start the evacuation plan with itsGraphic part. To do this, take a printout of the corresponding floor or sectional plan in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, the Committee for the Management of Municipal or State Property or the private owner of the building. If, for some reason, there is no such plan, do it yourself, having designated all cabinets, door and window openings, stairs, main and emergency exits. For a small building with a relatively simple layout, a floor plan will suffice. If there are several evacuation exits, there are sliding doors and turnstiles on the floor - make a plan for each section.


Scanned by hand plan to scan and enterIn the computer. You can apply symbols in any graphic editor. Indicate room numbers and office names. Mark the streets where the entrances to the building are. Mark on the plan places where there are life-saving appliances, fire fighting equipment and landlines. It is also necessary to identify the place where the evacuation plan hangs. Badges are determined by state standards.


Use arrow keys to route the evacuation. It is necessary for employees and visitors of each cabinet to outline the most optimal way out of the building. First, employees and customers go out into the corridor. Draw an arrow through the doorway, the point that is pointing in the right direction, in this case - in the direction of the corridor.


Determine which staircase is nearestTo this office. Direct the direction of the movement with a line fatter than the one that indicates the path from the office to the corridor. Try to determine the approximate number of people who can be in each room at the same time. This is necessary to determine the optimal number of those who take advantage of each output.


Execute the text part. It indicates the means of notification, the procedure for evacuation, the actions of personnel, the ways of manually switching on the fire alarm. Bring the graphic and text parts of the plan in line with the standards. Its dimensions depend on the destination. For the floor plan, the dimensions are 40x60 cm, for the local - 30x40.


Print a floor or sectional plan inSeveral copies. One copy needs to be inserted into the frame and hung in a prominent place. Next to him, hang up emergency telephone numbers. There may also be an instruction for employees, if it is provided for in the "Fire Safety Rules". The second copy is included in the general plan, which is at the duty officer. A consolidated plan is issued to the emergency response officer at the first request.

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