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How to draw an ellipse


How to draw an ellipse</a>

Despite the fact that the ellipse and the oval are very similar in appearance, they are different in geometry.

And if the oval can only be drawn using a compass, then the correct ellipse can not be drawn using a compass.

So, let's consider two ways of constructing an ellipse on a plane.



The first and simplest way to draw an ellipse.
Draw two straight lines perpendicular to each other. From the point of their intersection by a circle, draw two different circles: the diameter of the smaller circle is equal to the specified width of the ellipse or minor axis, the larger diameter is the length of the ellipse, the larger axis.


Divide a large circle into twelve equalParts. Connect the straight points passing through the center of the points of division, located opposite each other. The smaller circle will also be divided into 12 equal parts.


Number the points clockwise so that point 1 is the highest point in the circle.


From the points of division on a greater circle, exceptPoints 1, 4, 7 and 10, draw vertical lines down. From the corresponding points lying on a small circle, draw horizontal lines intersecting with the vertical ones, i.e. The vertical line from point 2 of the larger circle must intersect with the horizontal line from point 2 of the minor circle.


Connect the smooth curve of the intersection points of the vertical and horizontal lines, as well as points 1, 4, 7 and 10 of the small circle. The ellipse is built.


For another way of drawing an ellipse, you will need a pair of compasses, 3 pins and a strong linen thread.
Draw a rectangle whose height and width would be equal to the height and width of the ellipse. Two intersecting lines divide the rectangle into 4 equal parts.


Using the compass draw a circle,Intersecting the long midline. To do this, the support ring of the compass should be placed in the center of one of the sides of the rectangle. The radius of the circle is specified by the length of the side of the rectangle divided in half.


Mark the points where the circle intersects the middle vertical line.


Insert two pins into these points. Push the third pin to the end of the middle line. Tie all three pins with a linen thread.


Remove the third pin and use a pencil instead. Using a uniform thread tension, draw a curve. If everything is done correctly, you should get an ellipse.

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