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How to draw an ellipse

How to draw an ellipse

Despite the fact that the ellipse and oval looks very similar, they are different shapes geomtericheski.

And if the oval can be drawn only with a compass, the right to draw an ellipse is impossible with a compass.

Thus, we consider two ways of constructing an ellipse on the plane.



The first and easiest way to tracing an ellipse.
Spend two perpendicular to each other directly. From their point of intersection of two different-sized compass, draw a circle: the diameter of the smaller circle is the ellipse given width or minor axis diameter of more - the length of the ellipse, the major axis.


Divide the large circle into twelve equalparts. Connect the lines passing through the center point of division, facing each other. The smaller circle will also be divided into 12 equal parts.


Number the points in a clockwise direction so that the point 1 was the highest point in the circle.


From the points of division on the larger circle, exceptpoints 1, 4, 7 and 10, draw a vertical line down. Among the relevant points on a small circle, draw a horizontal line intersecting the vertical, ie, vertical line from point 2 of the larger circle must intersect the horizontal line from point 2 small circle.


Connect smooth curve intersection points of vertical and horizontal lines, and points 1, 4, 7 and 10 of the small circle. Ellipse built.


For another way to tracing an ellipse you need a compass, 3 pins and strong linen thread.
Draw a rectangle, the height and the width of which would be equal to the height and width of the ellipse. Two intersecting lines divide the rectangle into 4 equal parts.


Using a compass, draw a circle,intersecting the length of the average line. For this purpose, the support rod compass must be installed at the center of one side of the rectangle. The radius of the circle defined by the length of the side of a rectangle divided in half.


Mark the point where the circle intersects the middle vertical line.


Plug in the points two pins. The third pin to slide to the end of the middle line. Tie all three pins of linen thread.


Remove the third pin and instead use a pencil. Using a uniform thread tension, draw a curve. If done correctly, you should have an ellipse.

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