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How to draw an assassin gradually pencil

How to draw an assassin gradually pencil

Perhaps the soldiers, assassins would have been unknown to modern boys, if not for the game Assassin's Creed.

After the battle, most of the guys want to be like bold and enigmatic fighters in dark clothes, or at least learn how to draw an assassin with a pencil.



Draw assassin gradually easiest from the back. To portray a figure in a half-turn, draw the top of the leaf circle, and from it draw a curved line of the back.


In the area of ​​the head, draw a face on the hood lowered. Do not make the line smooth, otherwise there will be recreated the effect of flowing matter.


Draw lines assassin face in profile, highlighting a large male nose and slightly parted lips, strong chin, hollow eyes and a wide forehead.


Add the missing hood parts, asIt is shown in the picture to the phase-out instructions. Put the mask on the assassin's eyes. Draw cape. extending from the hood. Draw the contours of the back and shoulders of a warrior.


Picture a laid back hand in the wide sleevemantle men. To draw a weapon assassin, draw two parallel lines from one shoulder to the bottom of the back diagonally. It will be fastening strap bow or sword.


So, you have got to draw the assassin. Now trace the contours of a pencil drawing, increasing the pressure where it is needed.


Take crayons, colored pencils or paint and add color to your brave soldiers.

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