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How to draw an angel


How to draw an angel in stages with a pencil</a>

Angels have always attracted special attention of people in all cultures, and therefore most boys and girls dream to learn how to draw this creature.

Learning to do any drawing is best done with a simple pencil, having a step-by-step instruction before your eyes.



To draw a girl and an angel girl,You must first depict their simplified silhouettes. Draw two small circles on a sheet of paper, which then gradually turn into heads of beautiful angels. Add the body lines and the contour of the shoulders.


Draw on a larger circle a shock of curly hair of an angel girl.


Add details of the face of the big angel: nose, mouth, eyes. Draw a neck.


Tie a headscarf on top of the head, draw wide sleeves, as shown in the picture.


Add a picture of the girl's hands, draw your fingers in detail.


Dress the angel girl in a free dress. Draw creases on it, add a hem. Carefully draw slender legs with bare feet, peeping out from under the hem.


To draw an angel in stages, it is necessaryLearn to portray the main detail - the big wings behind your back. To do this, add to the figure a curved line, the beginning of which will pass from the shoulder. The lower part of the line must end with feathers. Make three layers of plumage.


On the right side, draw another angel to the angel girl, the lower part of which will be hidden behind the body and the dress.


To draw a girl in the image of an angel, whose silhouette was depicted in the first stage, add a mop of curls to the circle-head.


The girl also needs to draw details of the face: eyes, small nose, lips and neck.


From the shoulder line, lower the sleeves with the palms that look out of them.


Draw the hem of the dress, the wings behind your back. Peeping toe socks. It is not necessary to draw wings to an angel girl in detail, since they can almost completely hide behind their backs.


That's how you managed to draw in stagesAngel girl and girl. To complete the drawing, you need to circle the contours neatly with a pencil, increasing the pressure, and then paint the angels to your taste with paints or markers.

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