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How to draw an angel stages pencil

Angels have always attracted the attention of people in all cultures, but because most of the boys and girls dream to learn how to draw this creature.

Learn to do any drawing in pencil is best, having before eyes step by step instructions.



To draw a girl and a girl angel,you first need to portray their simplified silhouettes. Draw two small circles on a sheet of paper, which are then gradually turn into beautiful angels head. Add the lines of the body and the contour of the shoulder.


Draw a circle on a larger mop of curly hair girl-angel.


Add the details of a large angel face: nose, mouth and eyes. Draw the neck.


Tie a scarf on her head on top, draw a wide sleeves, as shown in the picture.


Add hand drawing hand Girl, Draw fingers detail.


Put a Woman in angel dress free. Draw on it folds, add a hem. Carefully draw a slender legs with bare feet peeking out from under the hem.


To draw an angel in stages, is necessarylearn how to represent the main part - large wings on his back. To do this, add a curved line to the drawing, which will take place from the beginning of the shoulder. The lower part of the line should end with feathers. Make three layers of feathers.


On the right side, draw a girl-angel is another wing, the lower part of which is hidden behind the body and dress.


To draw in the form of an angel girl silhouette which was depicted in the first stage, adding to the circle-head mop of curls.


The girl also needs to draw the details of the face: eyes, small nose, lips and neck.


From the line of the shoulders, lower sleeves with looking out of their palms.


Draw the hem of her dress, wings on his back. socks legs protruding. Detail drawn wings of little angel girl-not necessarily because they are almost entirely hide behind.


So gradually you got to drawangel girl and a girl. To complete the picture, you need to carefully cut around the pencil, increasing the pressure, and then paint the angels to your liking paints or markers.

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