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How to draw a winter mountain gouache


The learning process is drawing very long in nature.

What can we do for those who want to decorate your home beautiful handwritten winter landscape, but does not want to spend a lot of time learning this skill?

You will need

  • - Sheet A3
  • - A set of gouache
  • - A pair of flat brushes
  • - Spatula (you can cut office knife from the old credit card)
  • - Plastic pallet
  • - Bank of clean water



Dilute blue color with white and paint the background color.


Simple, sure movements of his hands with the help of a palette knife with a mixture of violet blue and white background color throws in the form of mountains. The paint is applied downward obliquely.
Lightly begin to apply the cloud.


We attach the mountains with the help of the volume of light (bright colors).


Mix blue and purple and dark green color, and then draw a large flat brush to the left of Spruce Mountain. Poke in the sheet carelessly, you can contour around to finish eating less.


Draw a rough go in the background of the forest strip, possibly obscuring the hills of unknown species, which are mountains and spruce. Broad brush using white paint we put the snow on the spruce.


Drawing on the same principle as another fir tree on the right and if you want a low shrub.


Draw on the newly painted right spruce and bushes in snow on the already known scheme. Careless broad brush semi-dry brush add blizzards, hurricanes, blizzards, storms.

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