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How to draw winter mountains gouache



The process of teaching drawing is very long in its essence.

What do those who want to decorate their house with a beautiful hand-written winter landscape, but do not want to spend a lot of time studying this skill?

You will need

  • - sheet A3
  • - set of gouache
  • - a pair of flat brushes
  • - palette knives (you can cut out with a stationery knife from an old credit card)
  • - plastic palette
  • - a jar of clean water



We draw a blue color with white and draw a background color.


With simple, confident movements of the hand with the help of a palette kneader with a mixture of violet blue and white, we throw on the background color of the shape of the mountains. Paint apply from the top down diagonally.
We begin to apply cloudy movements with light movements.


We give the mountains volume with the help of light (light colors).


Mix the violet-blue and dark-green colors, then with a large flat brush draw a spruce to the left of the mountains. Poke in a sheet carelessly, it is possible to draw a contour line for smaller spruce around.


Draw a rough line in the background with a strip of forest, if possible, covering up the hills on which there are mountains and spruce trees. Using a broad brush with white, we put snow on the spruce.


Draw on the same principle, another fir on the right and, if you want, a low shrub.


We apply snow on the fir-tree and shrubbery on the right recently, according to the scheme already known to us. By careless broad strokes, a half-dry brush adds snowstorms, hurricanes, snow whirlwinds, snowstorms.

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