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How to draw a winter

How to draw a winter

Winter landscapes are strikingly different from the summer andIt has a unique charm and mystery. Show on paper winter landscape is not so difficult, and besides, it's fun and exciting, and stimulates the imagination and creative thinking.

In winter nature is very changeable, and you canfinding new motives for his drawings every day. In this article, we'll show you what you can use artistic techniques to paint winter landscapes.

They attract both you and your children.



The main colors of winter landscape varies betweenwhite and black. To draw a tree, on a white background brush swipe low vertical black stripes on paper leaving plenty of ink droplets.


Grab a straw and start to blow in different directions drops? will turn chaotic and beautiful weave of thin branches.


Falling white snowflakes around trees paint, dipping into white paint cotton swab. The larger white spots do fingerprints, imitating trees snowy crown.


You can also draw a jagged white lines directly on the branches, depicting the snow-covered branch.


Another way to draw a magical winterlandscape ? This paint paper transitions blue, blue and purple watercolor. On the wet paint pour randomly salt grains, appeared to interesting effect that simulates the blizzard.


White paint over a painted background with snowflakes and silhouette put the wind. You can also draw a snowman white wax crayons and then cover the surrounding background color desired.


Show frosted tree can be even morean interesting way? on a sheet of blue paper, apply a tree silhouettes with white glue and sprinkle on top of their regular table salt. Shake off the excess salt after drying and Doris around the tree snowflakes and other elements of the drawing.


The tree can be drawn, pasted on the paper narrow strips of masking tape, cut it into strips.


Paint the picture background color, and peel off the adhesive tape. Realistic snow can be represented, dipped in white paint old toothbrush and splashing paint on a sheet.

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