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How to draw the wall newspaper in the Russian language

How to draw the wall newspaper in the Russian language

The tradition of painting in the school wall newspaper is already quite old, but still do not lose relevance.

Firstly, such training is much more interesting than the standard exercise, and secondly, the wall newspaper may be of informative character and helps to better perceive the training material.

You will need

  • - Large vatman-
  • - Text printing or newspaper clippings and journals-
  • - Pictures-
  • - Glue and nozhnitsy-
  • - Drawing supplies.



Choose a topic for your newspaper. Most often, the newspaper asked to draw to a particular event, so the teacher assigns a topic. But if you are free to choose the topic for yourself, think about what can actually be fun. The newspaper on the theme "Alternating vowels in the root" will be interesting to read. But the history of the Russian language, the unknown facts about the language, various language tasks - already much better. In junior high wall newspaper can be a wonderful reminder for one or the other subject. For example, if we study the topic "The verb" can be in different forms (city, house, islands, etc.) to portray the signs of the verb. Then they have learned much faster.


Pick a material. The material should be interesting, unusual, not taken from a textbook, but from other sources. Consider the concept of a newspaper. What will it be - entertainment, information, propaganda, or all together. fit fun facts, language games, puzzles and jokes, but no more text for entertainment newspaper. You can use texts in the information paper, but not too much. Dilute text charts and diagrams to make it easier to perceive the information. Choosing the material, remember that you're doing a newspaper in the Russian language, so no errors in the text are not allowed.


Arrange your newspaper. Try to keep the design of the newspaper meet several requirements:

- It was nice and pleasant, without unreadable words and carelessly cut kartinok-
- In line with the chosen theme: for example, if you make a newspaper on the Old Russian language, the background can be issued under the bark, and choose the font stylized epohu-
- Allows you to use your newspaper for a long time: fragile items, hold onto the adhesive may fall off, and then your paper will not be shown in the following generations of students.

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