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How to draw a tree gouache

Tree trunk expands downwards

Gouache - perhaps the most popular painting technique.

These paints are transparent, which allows even the most inexperienced artist to correct errors, not tinkering with all the work.

Before you draw a tree, prepare the list.

Preparing the background

Wood gouache paint better gradually. Prepare background for pictures in several ways. It can be covered with a layer of gouache - blue, pinkish, bluish. It all depends on what time of year you are going to portray. Remember that when working with gouache desired shade is obtained by mixing colors - for example, the blue color you get, diluted blue paint whitewash. If you want a background with subtle transitions from one color to another, do fill in watercolor.

When painting in watercolor desired intensity is obtained by adding more or less water.

Sheet moisten foam sponge, apply patchesthe desired color, then blur the paint with a wide brush or sponge the same. You can divide the list in half the horizon. In the lower part, apply a layer of green or brown gouache. The tree can grow on the banks of a body of water - river or lake. Map out the outlines and fill grayish or bluish color.

draw a barrel

To draw a tree gouache, preliminarysketch is not required. Take a soft brush (squirrel or weasel) black or brown paint. Swipe down from the top line. Starts to tip her hand, then gradually increase the pressure. The trunk will acquire the desired shape without excessive effort on your part. From the point at which you start to paint, draw up several lines. The common trunk first divided into several parts, which, in turn, branch off into even smaller.

Almost perfectly straight trunk of spruce and other conifers. All other barrel can be curved and bifurcated from the root.


From each of the major branches draw curvedseveral smaller lines. Draw the best end of the brush, with the same pressure. Give work to dry. If you want to draw the leaves, dip the brush into the paint thin desired color (green, yellow, orange or red).
Leaves can draw way primakivaniya. Imposes strokes in different directions. Some leaves are even close branches. If you draw a spring tree leaves he will be small. They are more convenient to draw points, a brush tip. Grass roots draw from the same end of the brush, but the vertical or oblique strokes.

Another way of drawing winter tree gouache

Spectacular picture can make way to remove excess paint. For this to work you will need:
- Sheet of thick black Paper
- guash-
- Thick igolka-
- With a sharp knife with a thin blade.
Make the background. Black Paper Ink - for example, white below the horizon and blue - above. Give work to dry. Needles or hard pencil put contours of a tree - trunk, large and small branches. Thin branches scratched with a needle until the black layer, and there, where the thick trunk, paint cut off with a sharp knife with a narrow blade.

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