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How to draw a tree

How to draw a tree

Although commonplace problem, draw a realistic tree is quite difficult.

He has virtually no clear outlines,and drawing a huge number of branches and leaves make the job really boring and uninteresting. However, by following the simple instructions, you can draw quite realistic tree.

Consider this process for example oak.



Draw a land line and draw the trunk. Do it oak is usually uneven, thick, and the branches begin to grow low. Next draw a few basic lines, which will form the krona. Select the paint on large branches and a few small branches.


Add foliage. It krona creates the impression of the whole tree. The easiest way to portray it expanded in all directions. Single sheets can not be drawn. It is better to make them blurred. Although, it all depends on the effect you want to achieve.


Give crown density. This will make your tree more realistic and alive and give it lightness. Add the original shade and mark the highlights, which are affected by the sun's rays.


Highlight additional branches that will peek out from under the foliage. Add additional shade in these areas. In this step, you also need to paint the trunk.


Draw a final outline of the crown and draw the shade under a tree.

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