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How to draw a starry sky in a manicure


How to draw a starry sky in a manicure</a>

A manicure with a bright starry sky makes a pleasant impression. He looks impressive and professional.

With a pair of varnishes and a sponge, this manicure is easy to make at home in just a few minutes.

You will need

  • -Base for nails
  • -Wish
  • -Black lacquer
  • -Violet lacquer varnish
  • -Sponge
  • -White lacquer
  • -Sticker or dots for drawing stars
  • -Water-repellent liquid for coating the nail after drawing the picture



Using the nail file, align the shape of the nail into a semicircle. Apply a protective base and allow the nail to dry. Then, cover all the nails with a uniform black layer and wait until the nails completely dry.
On the sponge, take a little varnish of a bright violet shade and apply with quick movements on the nail. You should form small dots on the top layer.


Using a toothpick or a special dope manicure tool, add white lacquer circles on the edges of the nail.


With a toothpick and white lacquer, draw a short straight line from the white dots in step 2. Schematically, they should look like falling stars.


Dry your nails thoroughly. Cover them with a water-repellent liquid so that the pattern becomes resistant. Your manicure with the starry sky is ready!

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