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How to draw a starry sky in manicure

How to draw a starry sky in manicure

Manicure with bright stars makes a good impression. It looks impressive and professional.

With the help of a pair of paints and sponges such manicure is easy to do at home in just a few minutes.

You will need

  • -base Polish
  • -Pilochka
  • -Black lacquer
  • -bright Lilac nail
  • -Sponge
  • -White paint
  • -Zubochistka Or DOTS to draw stars
  • -Vodootalkivayuschaya Coating liquid nail after patterning



With nail files Align the shape of the nail in a semicircle. Apply protective base of the nail and let it dry. Then, cover all the nails evenly black nails and wait until completely dry.
On the dial a little sponge bright purple shade nail and apply swift movements on the nail. You have to form small dots on the top layer.


Using a toothpick or a special manicure instruments DOTS, add white painted circles on the edges of the nail.


Toothpicks and white paint, draw short straight lines of white dots in Step 2. Schematically, they should be like shooting stars.


Thoroughly dry your nails. Cover them with water-repellent liquid to become a persistent pattern. Your manicure with a starry sky is ready!

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