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How to draw a skull


How to draw a skull</a>

The skeleton is the basis of the human body. When drawing a person it is very important to know the anatomical bases of muscles and bones.

The skull, in turn, is the basis for drawing the head, so it is important to be able to build a skull properly for the artist.

You will need

  • Paper, pencil.



Start building common skull shapes with simple shapes. Draw the future skull and face. So you can immediately correlate the proportions of the head.

How to draw a skull


Now add the parts of the skull according to their location. Until you worry about the details, the main thing is to put everything right.

How to draw a skull


Next you need to bring all the lines in order and add the number of details you need.

How to draw a skull


It remains to add shadows. To do this, imagine from which side the light falls on the skull (in this case - from the top right), and cast a shadow on the opposite side.

How to draw a skull

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