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How to draw a sheep


How to draw a sheep</a>

Fluffy lamb, like a white cloud, will perfectly fit into a children's picture depicting a rural landscape.

Drawing this funny animal will bring pleasure to the whole family.

You will need

  • - a pencil-
  • - album sheet-
  • - black felt-tip pen.



Begin drawing the lamb from an even circle,Drawn on the left side of the album sheet. The upper right side of the character's head is slightly pulled out. You should get a figure that resembles a classical light bulb. Over the elongated segment of the head, draw a cloud with a wavy outline, similar to a karakul cap.


Then mark the animal's ears in the picture. Since the created lamb is deployed sideways to the viewer, you must draw one full ear on the visible side of the head. Make it in the form of an elongated egg, shown in an upright position. The far ear is partially visible from behind the head of a lamb. Draw it in the form of an arc starting from the left edge of the upper edge and ending on the left upper part of the head circle.


The lamb has two small eyes. Draw them in the form of circles at the top of the head. Leave a little to the left of the middle of the circle of the head and draw two extended shapes next to them, resembling drops or seeds of plants. Their narrow tails should look at their ears. Dip a short vertical line from the thickened sides of the drops.


Draw a large cloud from the bottom right sideHead. The front ear and head should cover the edge of the cloud slightly. The line of this figure must consist of many small waves, slightly different in size.


Between the head and body, draw a wide arc. It will be a collar for a sheep. Under the character's body, draw four broad but short legs. Near extremities should be slightly longer than distant ones.


Each sheep's leg ends in a bifurcateHoof. To depict it, draw a small circle at the end of the limb. Then in the left lower part of the circle draw a small sharp triangle, the point of which is directed upwards.


Examine the drawing made in pencil. If the result suits you, circle the outline of the lamb with a black felt-tip pen. Then paint the legs, the collar and the eyes of the character completely with black. Hooves fill in partially, leaving intact triangles.

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