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How to draw a sheep

How to draw a sheep

Fluffy sheep, like a white cloud, ideal for the children a picture of a rural landscape.

Drawing of the funny animals will delight the whole family.

You will need

  • - karandash-
  • - Landscape larch
  • - A black felt-tip pen.



Start drawing a lamb from a perfect circle,traced on the left of the album leaf. The upper right part of the character's head a little pull. You should get a figure, vaguely reminiscent of the classic light bulb shape. Over an elongated head segment, draw a cloud with a wavy contour similar to the astrakhan hat.


Then mark the figure of the animal's ears. Since created lamb rolled sideways to the audience, you have to draw a full one ear on the visible side of the head. Take it as an elongated egg illustrated in a vertical position. Far ear is seen partly due to the sheep's head. Draw it in the form of an arc, starting from the left edge of the upper edge and ends at the top left of the circle head.


In sheep, two small eyes. Draw them in a circle at the top of the head. Stand back a little to the left of the middle range of the head and draw near two elongated shapes resembling drops or seeds of plants. Their narrow tails need to look at the ears. Lower short vertical line of the thickened side drops.


Draw a big cloud on the right bottom sidehead. Front ear and the head should be slightly overlap the edge of the clouds. The line of this figure must consist of a plurality of small waves, differing slightly in size.


Between the head and body, draw a wide arc. It will be a collar for sheep. Under the body of the character, draw four broad, but short legs. Near legs should be slightly longer distant.


Each leg ends with a forked sheephoof. To portray it, draw a small circle on the end of a limb. Then, in the bottom left of the circle, draw a small sharp triangle, the tip of which is directed upwards.


Look at the drawing made with a pencil. If you are satisfied, draw around the contours of lamb with black felt-tip pen. Then completely paint the black legs, the collar and the eyes of the character. Hooves fill color is partially, leaving intact triangles.

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