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How to draw a school

How to draw a school

Psychologists believe that schools figure speaks volumes about the attitude of the child to the learning process: that it scares you like, whether there is any difficulty.

And parents and teachers useful to ask the child to draw the place where a child learns.

You will need

  • pencils, imagination



If you are in the classroom were asked to draw a schoolthe approach to this process, you can either literally or with the creativity stakes. The literal approach is meant to draw a school building. Here you do not need much imagination, just need to reproduce on paper look to your school. Of course, to portray the entire building on a small sheet is unlikely to succeed, but it is possible to draw only part of it. For example, the main entrance and part of the school yard. Make this piece as close to the original. Count the number of steps on the school porch, consider the location of windows, the shape of the door, all the posters and stands at the main entrance. Do not forget about the inscription, which tells you that it is shown in your drawing.


Creativity can be viewed from twosides. Firstly, you can not paint the school itself, and the school process. For example, draw a classroom with desks, sitting at their students, a teacher at the blackboard. Draw a lesson in dynamics: let one of the students pull the hand, someone leafing through a textbook, someone, standing, meets lesson. So the image will be more expressive.


Secondly, stepping up to the task creatively drawschool, you can not really portray the ordinary school. For example, you can call the picture? School of the Future ?. Connect your imagination and paint the school, which will be able to provide: in space, on the moon, on board the aircraft. Or school, in every classroom where several thousand students: they are learning remotely by sending completed assignments electronically, and special robot teacher check them. Remember, psychologists have a drawing school children determine their true attitude towards learning. Use bright colors, avoid the abundance of gray and black, and your drawing will surely be valued at? Five ?.

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