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How to draw a scar on the face


How to draw a scar on the face</a>

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, scars on the faceWere considered a sign of courage and nobility. They were eager to receive in a fair fight, but, in addition, they also turned to doctors to get a scar on their face surgically.

Fortunately, today it's quite possible to just paint a scar on your face without harming yourself.

Scar for short-term wearing

Draw such a scar is not difficult, butOn the beach or in rainy weather it is not recommended to walk with him. Begin by pouring a few spoons of flour with PVA glue and stir until they are doughy. Before applying this mass on the face, degrease the skin area where it is supposed to place a scar, alcohol or cologne.
Take a brush or toothbrush, scoop itMixture of flour and glue and apply on the face in such a way that in the center there was a small tubercle. Moisten fingers with water and smooth out the edges of the future scar so that they are flush with the skin.
With your fingertips, carefully form a humpScar to give it the right shape and bend. After that, mix the desired (depending on the color of your skin) proportion of red, brown and white watercolor paints and apply them to the scar and the area of ​​the skin around it. Then add a little red color to the mixture of colors to highlight the characteristic swelling, and gently apply them on the scar itself.
After this, allow the paints to dry and gentlyTreat the scar with a small amount of foundation to avoid gloss and smooth the transition from the colored mixture to the skin of the face. As a result, you will get an impressive scar that will last at least 3 hours.

Modern cosmetics, for the most part, is moisture resistant, and its use as colors for the scar prevents its wetting and erasing.

Scar for long wearing

Scars that can be worn for a long time,Look not so impressive, but have a more realistic look. They guarantee you a better attitude on the part of women and girls who like curious scars much more than horrible, scarring scars.
The best and easiest option is to apply a lineThe proposed scar with a red chemical pencil. After this, more carefully work out its individual parts, so that it resembles not a thin scratch, but a cut.
Using a thin brush, cover the scar all over it.Length glue PVA. If you want the scar to stay as long as possible and not be afraid of any environmental influences, cover it with a transparent superclue instead of PVA.

To tighten the skin and simulate the effect of the scar, glue for the eyelids or a special scaling remedy used by professional make-up artists is much better than conventional glue.

Pin the super glue with your fingersSkin around the scar, then smear it with superglue. Hold it this way for about a minute to let the glue grab. After drying, the glue will remove your skin in the manner of a real scar.
Treat the edges of the scar with red blush on theA thin brush or slightly spread them with red lipstick. After this, gently smear the lipstick or blush so as to create the impression of redness and swelling around the scar. Above all of this, walk through a small amount of foundation to remove glitter and make the transitions between the scar colors less bright.

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