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How to draw a scar on his face

How to draw a scar on his face

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the scars on his faceconsidered a sign of courage and nobility. They tried to get in a fair fight, but other than that, and turned to the doctor to get the scar on his face surgically.

Fortunately, today it is possible to simply draw a scar on his face, without causing harm to themselves.

Scar for short-term wear

Draw a scar will not be difficult, however,on the beach or in the rain is not recommended to go with him. Start with the fact that pour a few spoonfuls of flour with white glue and stir them to a dough. Before applying this mass to the face degrease the skin, where it is supposed to place the scar, alcohol or cologne.
Take a brush or toothbrush, scoop itthe flour mixture and the adhesive and apply to the face so that in the center was a small hillock. Wet your fingers with water and smooth the edges of the future scar, so that they are flush with the skin.
Using your fingertips, gently bump shapescar to give it the desired shape and bend. Then mix in the necessary (depending on the color of your skin), the proportion of red, brown and white watercolors and apply them to the area of ​​the scar and the skin around it. Then add to the mix a little bit of red paint to highlight a characteristic swelling, and carefully put them on the mound of scar itself.
After that, let the paint dry and tidytreat scar a small amount of foundation to avoid shine and smooth the transition from the colored mixture to the skin. As a result, you get an impressive scar that will last at least 3 hours.

Modern cosmetics, for the most part, is water resistant, and its use as a paint scar to prevent it from wetting and abrasion.

Scar for extended wear

Scars that can be worn for a long time,It does not look so impressive, but have a more realistic view. They guarantee you a better attitude on the part of women and girls, which is much more like a neat shramiki than bugryaschiesya terrible scars.
The best and easiest option - to put the linealleged scar red indelible pencil. After that, more thorough work through its separate parts to it resembled not a thin scratch and cut.
Using a fine brush, cover the scar across hislength with white glue. If you want to scar kept as much as possible for a long time and was not afraid of any effects of the environment, cover it with a transparent superglue instead of PVA.

For the tightening of the skin and scar simulate the effect is much better than the usual adhesive suitable adhesive for a century or a special tool for creating scars that used by professional make-up artists.

Before applying superglue prischipnite fingersthe skin around the scar, then smear it with superglue. Hold it a minute or so, to give the glue to grab. After drying, the adhesive will pull together your skin in the manner of the scar.
Treat the edges of the scar on the red blushfine brush or a little swipe at him red lipstick. Then gently smudge the lipstick or blush so as to create the impression of redness and swelling around the scar. On top of all this, walk a small amount of foundation to eliminate the glitter glue and make transitions between colors scar less vivid.

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