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How to draw a red cap


How to draw a red cap</a>

Little Red Riding Hood is a small kind girl who was very fond of her grandmother and was not afraid to go through the forest to take grandmother's pies.

She always wore a beautiful red hat on her head, for which she was called the Little Red Riding Hood.

Draw this brave girl is not difficult.

You will need

  • - a blank sheet of paper-
  • - a simple pencil-
  • - Colour pencils-
  • - Markers.



In order to draw a red hat, youYou need paper, colored pencils and markers. Before you get to work, remember how the Little Red Riding Hood looks. You can watch a cartoon or leaf through a book with illustrations.


Choose a convenient place for drawing. The surface must be level. Put a blank sheet of paper in front of you and spread out all the pencils and markers.


Find the center of the sheet - here and will be locatedYour Little Red Riding Hood. For the initial drawing you will need a simple pencil. To determine the proportions, draw a vertical line. Divide it into 4 parts. The uppermost section of the line will be the head, the rest of the body and legs.


Draw a face in the form of an oval. First, place the eyes, nose, and mouth in the vertical lines. Eyes draw large with long eyelashes. Above them, arched eyebrows. Pour a small nose in the form of a droplet. & Nbsp-Color the face with a beige pencil. Use a felt-tip pen to make blue eyes, black eyelashes, and scarlet lips. Use a pink pencil to apply blush on the cheeks.


The most important attribute of the Red Cap isA hat on the head of a girl, which must necessarily be red. Draw a hat with wrapped sides. From the nbsp-hat you should see the hair falling on the shoulders. Draw them with wavy lines. Paint the hair in golden color.


From the oval of the head, draw two lines down. This will be the neck. From her, draw the lines to the sides, these will be the hands. Draw a thin waist and from it a magnificent long skirt in the form of a trapezoid. & Nbsp-On the skirt draws an apron with lace. It can be semicircular or rectangular. The apron must be white. Sleeves can be depicted in the form of flashlights. On the chest draw a small cutout in the form of a tick, and a few small buttons. Blouse can be painted in blue or pink, and a skirt made in the tone of a hat.


From under the skirt can look like wooden shoes. Draw them small, with a rounded nose and paint in brown.


Remember that Little Red Riding Hood is a small and kind girl! Try to depict it just like that.

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