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How to draw a rabbit on the face

Children love when adults draw on their face

Children love to dress up in costumes and get used to the role of their characters.

But the transformation will be complete if a special carnival makeup will be applied in addition to the suit.

No need to be a professional artist, following uncomplicated rules, you can easily draw on the child's face, for example, a hare.

You will need

  • carnival make-up
  • brush
  • pencil
  • Foam sponge



Currently available in special colors for drawing on person. If you have the possibility of their acquisition,use it. Carnival makeup safer conventional art paints, does not spread in the skin, it is easily washed off at the end of the holiday. To draw a rabbit you have enough three basic colors? gray, white and black.


Find a picture of a hare. Of course, it is not necessary to take a photo of a living rabbit, its image on person baby you're unlikely to be able to recreate, but some kind of cartoon character Bugs Bunny would come in handy.


Divide the face into two zones. The lower half, which includes the chin, mouth and cheeks, Vykraste bright colors. The nose, eyes and forehead, are in the upper half of the face, make the dark. It is better if the resulting color will match the color of the whole suit, or at least the color of rabbit ears. Blend well paint the face with a cotton swab or foam sponge.


Eyelids Vykraste child up to the eyebrows light color, such as what you have previously applied to the lower half of his face. Take a pencil and draw on person baby bunny eyebrows. Make them high and extended in length. Outline the same pencil nose and fill it with black.


Now it is the turn of the teeth. Ask your child to close his mouth and draw two teeth, starting immediately from the upper lip. Make your teeth lighter than the background, paint them white. If you touched spray painted bypass circuit, refresh it.


A few light strokes on the cheeks of the child will beportray mustache and complete the job. Be sure to move the child to the mirror and ask how they like the new image. If done carefully, the new face he can not fail to please.

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