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How to draw a rabbit

How to draw a rabbit

Drawing with a child - not only a very fun activity, but also a great exercise.

It will help to develop the creative abilities of the kid and improve motor skills of his fingers.

By following the simple instructions, try to draw a rabbit it.



Draw the basic outline of the bunny: torso and head. Remember that the body - is not an oval, rather bob whose upper end is narrower than the bottom. Please note that the hare would not look at us, so the shape of the face should be directed towards.


Add additional items that will helpform a muzzle and paws. Apply the cheeks and nose. They have to go slightly beyond the face oval. Far oval to do less, because it is farther away. Do not forget about the future.


Erase all unnecessary circuits. Add a small circle back - it will be the tail. Draw the front legs. Let our bunny will keep carrots. Pririsuyte small triangle to the nose and add ears. Remember that they should already be at the beginning and at the end to expand.


Continue adding details. Draw a bunny whiskers and eyes. Add the carrot tail. Scroll to the place where the hair is a different color. Highlight the fingers on his hind legs.


Paint the resulting animal. The easiest way to do it with pencils, but the course can go and brush and even crayons. It all depends on what your child most likes to wield.

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