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How to paint a picture on canvas with oil

How to paint a picture on canvas with oil

Nowadays, oil paintings, is an essential element of almost every interior.

They can be written in a completely differentstyles, in different colors, but certainly one thing - these pictures with ease underlined and decorate the space of your home, making it a complete and unique. Writing oil painting is a difficult, but quite an interesting and exciting process.

Oil paintings, you can decorate your house, and you can make a great gift to your family.

You will need

  • Easel, canvas or hardboard / cardboard, which is glued to the canvas, brushes of different sizes and varieties, such as bristles, columns, nylon, oil paints, solvent, odorless, palette, rags.



For the first time, you can buy a ready setpaint in small tubes. Before you begin to paint, you need to identify a pattern in the usual blank sheet of paper. After you draw a picture, you need to shade the back of the sheet. To do this, you apply the image to the canvas and start to trace your image at office. All we have done is to ensure that the canvas was not originally covered with lead.


Now you can begin to spray paint on your image. Do this very carefully and do not rush to apply brush strokes.


If you want to achieve a smooth transition ofcolor to another, use a flat brush nylon. Do not forget to wash after each color brush in the solvent and wipe it on the cloth, otherwise your picture will be dirty and shabby. Once you have finished writing a picture let it dry for 3 days. After that you can safely it to decorate your interior.

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