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How to draw a picture

How to draw a picture

Paint a beautiful picture by yourself is difficult, especially if you're not an artist. Even more difficult to do this on clothes.

But nothing is impossible if you really try.

The technology is available, even for beginners.

You will need

  • - White shirt-
  • - Risunka- template
  • - Simple karandash-
  • - Acrylic paint for tissue-
  • - kisti-
  • - Iron.



If you're a budding artist, then take whiteT-shirt made from natural fibers, which is not a pity to throw it away, if you are inexperienced done blots and errors. When you're already confident in their abilities, try to paint the colors of other things. Synthetics and stretch fabric is not suitable for painting with acrylic paints.


drawing template can be found in the vastInternet, in magazines, coloring books, etc. To translate the pattern on white fabric, you will need a blueprint. Try to enclose the finished printed image beneath the fabric. If the outlines translucent, then you only need to cut around them in pencil. Put the pattern on the fabric of another color is necessary, by cutting picture AO contour lines into pieces and encircling them with chalk, a remnant piece of light art dry pastels.


Brushes better to take different sizes. Since bristles of synthetic fibers, since they do not require special care. Enough to wash them with soap and water.


Translating pattern on the fabric of ground is not too sharp pencil, drawing sheet under any unnecessary cloth to paint is not imprinted on the back of shirts.


Begin to paint the outlines paint pattern,starting with the brightest colors, ending with the darkest. This will allow you to paint over dark paint previously admitted flaws. Light paint dark fix will not work.


At least applied black paint, and frames the contours of the figure.


After the paint has dried, checkremains whether the figure is not shaded areas, try to stretch the fabric slightly. If the paint cracks appear, you may have caused her too thin. Apply another, thicker layer of paint. Cracks should be gone.


Iron the image on the reverse side of the iron. Thus, the image in place on the fabric.


Wash hands painted with the things you need, iron picture you need only the reverse side.

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