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How to draw a picture


How to draw a picture</a>

It's difficult to draw a beautiful picture, especially if you are not an artist. But it's even more difficult to do this on clothes.

But there is nothing impossible, if very much to try.

Technology is available even for beginners.

You will need

  • - White shirt-
  • - pattern template-
  • - a simple pencil-
  • - Acrylic colors for fabric-
  • - Brush-
  • - iron.



If you are a beginner artist, then take whiteT-shirt made from natural fibers, which will not be discarded if you are inexperienced to make blots and mistakes. When you are already confident in your abilities, try to paint things of other colors. Synthetics and stretch fabrics are not suitable for painting with acrylic paints.


Pattern pattern can be found in the open spacesInternet, in magazines, coloring, etc. In order to translate the picture on a white fabric, you need a copy machine. Try to lay the ready printed pattern under the fabric. If its contours are illuminated, then you only need to circle them with a simple pencil. To translate a drawing on a fabric of other color it is necessary, cutting Picture AO to the lines of the contour into pieces and circling them with chalk, sifting, or a piece of dry light artistic pastel.


Brushes are better to take different sizes. With bristles made of artificial fibers, since they do not require special care. It is enough to wash them with water and soap.


Transferring the picture to a cloth sharpened not too sharply with a pencil, place under the picture some unnecessary fabric so that the colors are not printed on the back of the shirt.


Begin painting the outlines of the pattern with paints,Beginning with the most light colors, ending with the darkest. This will allow you to paint over the darker paint flaws previously committed. Bright colors can not fix the dark ones.


Lastly, a black paint is applied, and the contours of the drawing are outlined.


After the paints have dried, check thatWhether there are any over-painted areas in the picture, try to stretch the fabric lightly. If cracks appeared on the paint, you may have applied it too thinly. Apply one more thick coat of paint. Cracks should disappear.


Iron the pattern from the wrong side with an iron. Thus, the picture will be fixed on the fabric.


Wash the painted things with your hands, iron it Picture You need only on the wrong side.

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