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How to draw a person's face


The art of drawing a partre</a>

Many portraits can be painted correctly from the point of view of painting. But how many of them are able to not only give an external picture, but also tell about the character of a person?

However, in any case, it should begin with the transfer of portrait resemblance. To successfully solve this problem, carefully study the face of your model and do not be afraid of mistakes.

Real artists grow out of mistakes.

You will need

  • - canvas
  • - coal
  • - rags
  • - Brushes
  • - palette
  • - vessel
  • - butter
  • - White Spirit
  • - oil paints
  • - palette knife



We make a sketch. Make a sketch of a thin carbon stick. First, mark the nose, then? eyes. These elements will be key to the entire drawing. Remove excess coal with a rag.


We begin to portray. Take the brush and the mixture gray? Blue paint and whiten eyebrows. Prepare the basic body tone, mixed from white, lemon? Yellow paint, blue cobalt and alizarin carmine. Paint this mixture on the side of the nose. Add a little whitewash to the mixture and write light flashes on the side and tip of the nose. The upper part of the nose is marked with a pinkish mixture of blue cobalt, yellow ocher, alizarin carmine and white. Add a little bit of viridone paint to the mixture and paint nostrils and lips.


Begin to write eyes. Refine the charcoal contours of the nose and sunglasses sunglasses. Returning to the brush with a mixture of blue cobalt and a transparent red marmot, mark the eyes and the shadows in the circle. Apply on the nose a little pink mixture, which you worked in the previous step. Pay attention to how the specks of pure yellow ocher brighten the color of the bridge of the nose.


We write the face. Mix the blue cobalt, white, lemon? Yellow and spectral purple paint to get a brown tone. Paint this mixture on the forehead, putting a few dots here with a pinkish mixture. Add a bit of viridone to the brownish mixture, darken the eyes and glasses. Mixing in various proportions of white, spectral violet and yellow? Lemon paint, write the shaded side of the face. Label the same mixture of lips, not forgetting that the lower lip is lighter than the upper lip.


We write hair. Mixing a brown tone from a transparent red surrey, ultramarine and white, dye your hair. Label the shadows under the eyes and in the eye sockets with alizarin carmine, lemon? Yellow and spectral violet paints. In order to revitalize the eye, apply a speck of red paint in its corner. With a mixture of a transparent red wax, white and a little blue cobalt, write a white strip on the edge of the eye.


We write ear. Measuring distances with the handle of a brush, check up correctness of an arrangement of an ear and its proportions. Write the ear in a warm, bodily tone, mixed with blue cobalt, alizarin carmine, lemon? Yellow paint and white.


We make light reflections. Write a light glare on the chin of the sitter with a warm mixture of blue cobalt, alizarin carmine, lemon? Yellow paint and white.

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