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Drawing Art partreta

Right from the point of view of painting the portraits of many artists can write. But how many of them are able at the same time not only to give an external image, but also to talk about a person's character?

However, in any case, you should start with the transmission of likeness. To successfully meet this challenge, please read the face of his model, and do not fear mistakes.

These artists just grow from the mistakes.

You will need

  • - canvas
  • - coal
  • - rags
  • - brush
  • - palette
  • - a vessel
  • - butter
  • - White Spirit
  • - oil paints
  • - spatula



Make a sketch. Make a sketch of a thin carbon rod. Please mark the nose, then? eyes. These elements are key for the entire image. Surplus coal wipe cloth.


Getting portraiture. Take a brush and a mixture of gray? Blue paint and whitewash show eyebrow. Prepare the basic bodily tone, mixed of whiting, lemon? yellow paint, cobalt blue and alizarin carmine. Dye the mixture side of the nose. Add to the mix a little white lead and write light patches on the side and tip of the nose. The upper part of the nose mark pinkish mixture of cobalt blue, yellow ocher, alizarin carmine and white lead. Add to the mix a little viridonovoy paint and draw nostrils and lips.


Begin writing your eyes. Ask charcoal contours of the nose and glasses sitter. Returning to a brush with a mixture of cobalt blue and transparent red minium mark the eye and lie in the range of these shadows. Put on the nose slightly pinkish mixture, which you have worked in the previous step. Pay attention to how clean flecks of yellow ocher color enliven the bridge.


Writing face. Mix the cobalt blue, white, lemon? yellow and violet spectral colors, to give a brown tone. Paint this mixture forehead, putting here a few points pinkish mixture. Adding to the mix a little brownish viridonovoy paint, dim eyes and glasses. Were mixed in different proportions, white, purple and yellow spectral? citric paint, write the shaded side of the face. Designate the same mixture of the lips, not forgetting that the lower lip tone lighter top.


Writing hair. Mixing a brown tone of transparent red red lead, ultramarine and white paint, dye hair. Label lying under the eyes and in the shadow of their sockets alizarine carmine, lemon? yellow and violet spectral colors. In order to revitalize the eye, apply a corner in his mottled red paint. The mixture of red transparent red lead, white lead and a small amount of cobalt blue and white striped post on the edge of the eye.


Writing ear. Measure out the distance the brush handle, check the correct position of the ear and its proportions. Write bodily ear warmer tone of the mixed cobalt blue, alizarin carmine, lemon? yellow paint and whitewash.


Making light patches. Write a light patches on the chin sitter warm mixture of cobalt blue, alizarin carmine, lemon? yellow paint and whitewash.

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