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How to draw a perfect arrow

How to draw a perfect arrow

What can bring a simple girl to inspiring Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe's perfect?

Classic Makeup: expressive retro arrows on the eyes and red lipstick. Arrows - is not only a classic, but also an opportunity to "play" with the shape of the eye, to make the look more deeply.

The main thing is that the arrows are clear, sharp as a razor, and then your eyes will conquer the world.



Mirror should be at chin level, so you looked a little down. Take the liquid liner and begin to draw a line along the lash to the inner corner of the eye.


Drawn sharp "tail". Bring the arrow line for the outer corner of the eye. "Tail" you have to go parallel to the line of the lower eyelid.


Now, since the end of the "tail", it shades the widest part. It is important to remember that the closer to the inner corner of the arrow, the thinner it should be.


Add small touches. If the line between the lashes and left gaps, they must fill in the liner, the arrow was clear.

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