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How to draw a zombie pencil


Eerie creatures roam the cemetery in search of an opportunity to regale the brain and flesh of living people - this is a common story among amateur and professional drawings of zombies.

If drawing a good character bored you, try to portray a grim zombie.

You will need

  • - a pencil-
  • - paper-
  • - The eraser.



Think about the image of the future character. The person who has turned into zombie, Loses intellect and other personal qualities, but he still has some individual features.


Select the pose for zombie. Of course, you can limit yourself to the drawing of one hand, stuck out of the grave. This will be enough for the audience to recognize the character. But if you want to draw zombie In full growth, pay attention to the basic techniques of the image of this character.


Classical zombie Moves slowly, so his legs do notToo widely placed. One of the legs can be unnaturally turned. Both hands of the character are extended forward. Hands are free to hang. The zombie keeps his head straight or tilts it. Make rough strokes with a pencil, indicating the chosen posture. Do not get carried away with drawing details at this stage.


Make an eye zombie. They must reflect a primitive levelActivity of the character's brain. You can picture your eyes bulging, with a lot of visible blood vessels. The pupil of this eye must be very small. Also, you can depict the eyes with a white shroud, making the iris virtually invisible.


Zombies have a poor control over their muscles,That his flesh is disintegrating. In addition, the undead is focused solely on their own hunger. Therefore, the mouths of these characters are depicted open, with freely dangling jaws. Artists often draw zombie With chins stained with blood from the last bite. Embossed or rotten teeth will also give an image of expressiveness.


Nose zombie Can look similar to the human. But if you draw a half-decayed zombie, The nose may be absent. Instead, draw two black holes in a pencil in shape, resembling an apple seed.


In dashes, sketch rags, dressed in a character. Draw the ragged edges of the fabric, along the way adding folds and stains to clothes. Draw thin bones that look through the holes in the clothes.


Add shadows that will give realism to the image. Shade the shadow areas with a pencil. Then, if desired, shade them.

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