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How to draw a pencil zombies

How to draw a pencil zombies

Creepy create wander through the cemetery in search of opportunities to eat the flesh of the living brain, and people - this is a common story among amateur and professional zombie drawings.

If the drawing of good character you get bored, try to portray the dark zombies.

You will need

  • - karandash-
  • - paper-
  • - Eraser.



Think about the future shape of the character. The man turned into zombieIt loses intelligence and other personality traits, but it is still characterized by some individual features.


Select a position for the zombie. Of course, you can confine ourselves to drawing the one hand, protruding from the grave. This will be enough to make the audience know the character. But if you want to draw zombie full-length, pay attention to the basic techniques of this character image.


Classical zombie moves slowly, so his feet do nottoo wide apart. One of the legs can be twisted unnaturally. Both arms are extended forward character. Hands free hanging. Zombies keeps his head straight and tilts her. Take the rough strokes of a pencil, indicating the selected position. Do not get carried away drawing of details at this stage.


Apply for eyes zombie. They should reflect the primitive levelbrain activity character. You can depict the bulging eyes, with a lot of visible blood vessels. The pupil of the eye must be very small. You can also draw the eye with a white veil, making the iris is almost imperceptible.


Zombie poor control their muscles due to the fact,his flesh decomposes. In addition, the undead focused exclusively on his hunger. Therefore mouths of these characters are portrayed open, with a free-hanging jaws. Artists often draw zombie chin, stained with blood from the last bite. Broken or rotten teeth also give the image of expression.


Nose zombie It may look similar to the human. But if you draw semidecomposed zombie, The nose may be absent. Instead, draw a pencil two black holes, shaped like an apple seed.


Strokes outline the rags, dressed in the character. Draws the torn edges of the fabric, simultaneously adding wrinkles and stains on your clothes. Draw a thin bone, seen through a hole in the garment.


Add shadows that give a realistic image. Stroke shady areas with a pencil. Then, if desired, blend them.

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