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How to draw a pencil Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier looks very elegant

Yorkshire Terrier looks extremely impressive. In this miniature dogs proportioned, long thick hair and expressive eyes.

It is this and you need to pay attention to when drawing.

Yorkshire, that and the other

In the first stage Yorkshire Terrier Terrier that,pikines dogs and other small drawn equally, particularly when they are lying. To start slide supporting a horizontal line at a small distance from the bottom of the sheet. Find her middle. Under a slight angle swipe up another auxiliary line - it will be dog paws and belly. Note its length. From the same point, draw a vertical line and mark on it the approximate height of the dog. This line will be and her head. From the top level of spend towards the tail smooth curve. In fact, it is about the same for the two arc curvature, one of which is a little higher. This line must connect to the one that is at an angle to the horizontal.

Draw Yorkshire terrier can be started with an oval, the long axis of which coincides with a vertical line. The width of the oval a little less than its length.

The body, head and legs

Torso and legs is better to draw a line. It is in the same direction as the oblique and horizontal. You just have to clarify this guide and give it the necessary ripple - wool from the Yorkshire terrier is long, and falls down uneven strands. The vertical line draw a vertical standing rectangle, in which "fit" the muzzle and paws of your tererchika. The corners slightly rounded. That's got the basics, dog silhouette. Now we have to draw the details.

Toy Terrier drawn about the same, it is necessary to more clearly draw the only limbs and trunk, which at Yorkshire terrier hidden hair.

Home - Wool

Homeland of this little dog - Britishisland. As a true Englishman, Yorkshire Terrier groomed and elegant. The coat he should not hang in tatters, even in the picture. Schedule eye. They are small and round, but very expressive. The nose is too long, is located exactly in the middle of the muzzle. Wool draw long, wavy strokes, going from top to bottom. It is best suited for this purpose, a soft pencil. "Curls", starting on the forehead and crown, drop to the floor. Strokes are located close to each other. By the way, the same way you can draw the wool and Russian Borzoi. "Hairstyle" can be decorated with a bow, at the Yorkshire Terrier is a very popular ornament.

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