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How to draw a twig pencil raspberry

How to draw a twig pencil raspberry

Sprig Raspberry decorate embroidered towels, painted chair, carved architraves. In any case, you need to draw a sketch, and make it the best pencil on paper.

To portray a sprig of raspberries, need two pencils - hard and soft.

Directions branches

To start drawing raspberries stages, swipestraight line. As with any plant, branches raspberries grow in different directions, so that a straight position as you like. The plants are rarely perfectly aligned threads, so even better if the line will curve slightly and knotted. From the main line draw some sharp edges. They can block the main line, to move away from it at an angle and even in general it does not touch.

If you draw a sketch for a wood or embroidery thread is better to take a leaf to twig it fit a full-size.


Consider raspberry leaf. Determine its shape. Most of all it looks like a small egg, in which one end is wide, and the other narrower. Draw a testicle. From the sharp end of a blunt swipe the central vein, and from it - the veins smaller, at a slight angle. Suffice it to five pairs of veins.
A few strokes and can even draw thesmaller veins in raspberries are perfectly visible. Note the loop - leaf toothed, midrib ends spicy clove and moving away from it symmetrically even teeth. Draw a few leaves from different angles.

The leaves of raspberry gloss, gloss but not very bright. It is better to convey via the hatch.


Berry raspberry is a semi-oval. Most of all, it resembles "the king's hat." Draw some of these "caps", arranging them so that the wider part of the arc-shaped touch twigs - stalks. Each berry is composed of many small balls. They may be visible wholly or partially, depending on the position of the berries to the viewer.
The balls are all the same size. Paint can be the same hard pencil as everyone else. At the junctions of berries and stalks draw some sharp long teeth.

finish drawing

A sketch is ready, and now all you have to draw thedetails. Take a soft pencil and draw the contours - the main line, the outlines of leaves and berries. The main thread can even paint or fill in parallel to contour lines long strokes.
Veins also Draw a soft pencil, but with less pressure than contours. Circles, which are filled with berries, too, need to be thinner and lighter than the contour lines.

Another way of drawing branches

As with any plant, raspberries, you can startdraw with separate spots. Mark the spots for berries and leaves. Sami Draw berries and leaves the same as in the previous method. Between the individual elements of a thick swipe a straight line, and then from it - the arc to the berries and leaves. In the same way you can draw a strawberry and strawberry. Incidentally, this job can offer a child of preschool age, if he just wants to draw. Convert oddly shaped spots in berries and leaves it surely enjoy.

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