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How to draw a sprig of raspberry in pencil


How to draw a sprig of raspberry in pencil</a>

A raspberry branch will be decorated with an embroidered towel, painted chair, carved clypeus. In either case, you first need to draw a sketch, and do it best with a pencil on paper.

To depict a twig of raspberry, you need two pencils - a hard and soft pencil.

Directions of branches

To start drawing raspberries in stages, swipeStraight line. As with any plant, raspberry branches grow in different directions, so direct the location as you like. The plants rarely have perfectly smooth branches, so it's even better if the line turns a little crooked and knotty. From the main line, draw some steep arcs. They can overlap the main line, move away from it at an angle and even do not touch it at all.

If you draw a sketch for embroidery or wood carving, it is better to take a sheet so that a full-sized twig is placed on it.


Look at the raspberry leaf. Determine its shape. Most of all, it resembles a small egg, one wide and the other narrower. Draw such an egg. From the acute end to the blunt, draw the central vein, and from it - veins smaller, at a slight angle. Five pairs of these veins are enough.
Several strokes can be drawn and moreSmaller veins, they are perfectly visible in raspberry. Pay attention to the contour-sheet dentate, the main vein ends with a sharp denticle, and from it the prongs depart symmetrically. Draw some more leaves from different angles.

The leaves of raspberry are glossy, but the shine is not very bright. It is better to transfer it by hatching.


The berry of raspberries is a semi-oval. Most of all, it resembles the "royal cap". Draw a few such "caps" by placing them so that the wide pieces touch the arched branches - the peduncles. Each berry consists of many small balls. They can be seen completely or partially, depending on the position of the berries in relation to the viewer.
The balls are all the same in size. Draw them with the same hard pencil as the rest. At the junction of berries and peduncles, draw a few sharp long teeth.

Finish drawing

The sketch is ready, now it remains for you to drawParts. Take a softer pencil and circle the contours - the main line, the outlines of leaves and berries. The main branch can even be painted over or filled with long strokes with parallel contour lines.
Habits, too, draw a soft pencil, but with less pressure than contours. The circles with which the berries are filled must also be thinner and lighter than the contour lines.

Another way of drawing twigs

Like any plant, raspberry can startDraw from individual spots. Mark the spots for berries and leaves. Draw the berries and leaves in the same way as in the previous method. Between the individual elements, draw a thick straight line, and then from it - arcs to berries and leaves. In the same way, you can draw strawberries and strawberries. By the way, such a task can be offered to a child of preschool age, if he just wants to paint. Turn stains of a strange shape into berries and leaves he will surely like.

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