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How to draw a pencil in stages?


A sailboat always looks beautiful and romantic</a>

The sea, the sun, the fair wind ... and the amazing ship, which is going to distant fairy-tale countries.

Draw a picture so luxurious even a novice artist, you just want to take a pencil and look at the picture where such a beautiful ship is painted.

Starting with the mast

Of all the ships most effective lookSailboats. The small child you want to teach can draw a simple yacht - a flat plank floating on the waves, in the middle - a mast, and on the mast - two oblique sails and a flag. But you can try and portray a more complex boat, which has several masts and many beautifully inflated sails.
Draw better in stages. Place the sheet vertically and draw two long vertical lines at a distance from each other. Determine where the ship will have a nose. From the lower end of this mast at a slight angle to the horizon, draw a long section - a bowsprit.

The masts can be arranged and at a slight angle to the vertical.


The sails of ships are different. At the ship, facing the viewers, they often seem to be triangles of different sizes. Draw from the bottom. Draw two large rectangular triangles. Straight angles are located on the stern side. Lower the lines a little longer. In the upper parts of the masts, draw rectangular triangles smaller so that their hypotenuse coincides with the masts, and the right angles are on the side of the stern.

The lower crossbeams can be drawn just below the sails.

Rope and Rope

The top of the front mast is connected to the endBowsprit with a thin line. On this rope draw another sail. It looks like an obtuse triangle, the longest side of which lies on a rope. At an angle to the front mast, at the top of it, draw an angle at the edge. Divide it into 3 equal segments. In 3 parts, divide and bowsprit. Connect the points in pairs in thin lines. On each line draw an oblique sail in the same way as you drew it on the first cable. Sails are approximately the same in size. Circle the contours of the sails and the mast with a softer pencil.


In the figure, it is not at all necessary to depictThe hull of the ship with all the small details. You already have luxurious sails, so that the outlines of the ship can only be designated - for example, by two parallel straight lines, the upper one of which turns into a bowsprit.
But if you want, you can draw a more complexBody. For example, in the form of a boat with a slightly raised nose and convex sides. The upper line of the side is curved, the most convex part of it is directed downwards. The drawing can be supplemented with a horizon line, waves, pennants on the masts and figures of people on the deck and gulls on the water and in the air. You can see the steering wheel, which has a brave helmsman.

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