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How to draw a boat pencil in stages?

Sailboat always looks beautiful and romantic

Sea, sun, passing wind ... and the amazing beauty of the ship bound for distant fairy-tale country.

Draw a picture of such a luxury under the force of even a beginner artist, you just want to take a pencil and look at the picture, which painted a beautiful ship.

We start with masts

Of all the ships of the most impressive looksailboats. A small child, you want to learn to draw, may represent a simple yahtochku - flat plate, floating on the waves, in the middle - the mast and mast - two sails and oblique check box. But you can try to portray a more complex ship that has several towers and a lot of nice inflated sails.
Draw the best stages. Put the sheet vertically and perform at a certain distance from each other two long vertical lines. Determine where the ship will be the nose. From the lower end of the mast at a slight angle to the horizontal swipe long section - the bowsprit.

Mast and can be positioned at a slight angle to the vertical.


Sail from ships are different. The ship, standing alongside the audience, they often appear to be triangles of different sizes. Draw start from the bottom. Draw two large right-angled triangles. Right angles are situated on the part of the stern. The bottom line slightly extended. At the top of the mast, draw a smaller right triangles, so that they coincide with the hypotenuse of the masts, and angles are from the side of the stern.

The lower rungs can be drawn just below the sail.

Ropes and yards

The top of the front mast, connect to the endbowsprit thin line. This rope draw another sail. It looks like an obtuse triangle, the longest side of which lies on the rope. At an angle to the front of the mast, in its upper part, draw an angle yard. Divide it into three equal segments. In 3 of the divide and the bowsprit. Connect the dots in pairs with thin lines. On each line, draw a slash sail in the same way as you draw it on the ground cable. Sails are approximately equal in size. Trace the outlines of sails and masts of a soft pencil.


The figure does not necessarily represent thehull with all the small details. Do you have a luxury sail, so that the outline of the ship can only designate - for example, two parallel straight lines, the top of which goes to the bowsprit.
But it is possible to draw a more complex and, if desired,body. For example, in a boat with a slightly raised nose and convex sides. The upper side of the line at the same time get bent, the most convex part of it is directed downward. Drawing can be extended horizon, waves, pennants on the masts, and figures of people on the deck and gulls on the water and in the air. It can be seen, and the steering wheel, which is a brave steering.

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