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Jug consists of several parts

Drawing utensils sometimes seems beginnersartists occupation rather boring. Classes at the studio, which constantly have to portray pitchers and cups, which are first obtained lopsided, not everyone likes.

But the process can be very exciting, to see if the variety of shapes and patterns and try to convey the characteristics of this particular subject.

Pitcher begins with a vertical

In light of the many really beautiful pitchers. Find a shape which seems to you the most exquisite. Consider the picture or the object itself. Imagine what geometric body it can be divided. Set the approximate ratio of the size - height and width of the pitcher in its widest part, the height and thickness of the neck. Consider how the handle is attached to the body. Choose the angle at which the shape of your pitcher is most vividly. Because you have to draw the object, at the height of which is clearly larger than the width, place the paper vertically. This, of course, does not apply to cases where you want to close your pitcher to represent some other items. Slightly departing from the lower edge, draw a vertical line in the middle of the sheet.

Almost any object can be represented as a composition of multiple geometric bodies. For example, a pitcher - a ball or ovoid, narrow cylinder and the cylinder is wider and lower.

We transfer ratio

Phased drawing a pitcher begins with transfervolumetric ratio of objects on a plane. From the bottom end up aside line height widest part of your pitcher, then the height of the neck, as well as its widest part. After all marks swipe thin auxiliary line. Another auxiliary line segment swipe through the middle, where there is the widest part of the jug. Along these lines aside wide portion sizes, and the top of the neck, where the drain.

you have a good eye, you can not draw auxiliary lines.

drawn shapes

After the figure will "controlpoint "of all the parts, you will only draw the part of these. Thus, the widest part of the jug on the plane will look like a circle or oval on a narrow base, which seems to be just a strip. The neck is a rectangle, the top of the neck - strip extending up to a trapezoid or trapezium shaped edge. The handle is attached to the neck and to the widest part of the pitcher, it often looks like an arc, but may have more sophisticated and intricate shape, especially in the eastern dishes. Draw her a double line. Circle the contours of a soft pencil and remove the auxiliary line where they will not be able to disguise strokes.

How to transfer form?

When drawing three-dimensional objects mostcrucial moment - hatching. It is with the help of the form and send. When drawing a jug possible options. You can apply the finishing touches on a wide arc of the subject. Strokes are thicker at the edges and less in the middle, so that it seemed to be convex. You can create a horizontal and "track" of zigzag strokes - darken the contours, lighter in the middle. Strokes on the neck can be vertical and horizontal, but usually the same: the middle is light.

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