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How to draw a pencil musical instruments


Knowing how to draw a variety of musical instruments, can be drawn on a sheet of paper a whole orchestra.

In addition to the paper required, pencil, eraser, theoretical knowledge and the desire to create.


This instrument has the correct form, so it will be easy to portray even the very young artist. The main thing - to paint in stages.
Figure piano will look just right. First draw 2 squares and connect small straight lines into a single three-dimensional figure. So in geometry draw a cube, but the side walls of the piano make narrower.
Now in the middle of these two connected squares draw 2 small parallel lines. They mark the beginning of the keyboard.
It's time to pick out the details. Let's start with the top of the piano. She should just come forward for his body. We depict it in the form of a rectangular rim.

Lectern piano is drawn in the middle upper body as a small narrow rectangle.

Below the middle of the bottom of the picture a 2 pedal drawn musical instrument, and on all four sides - his legs.
Now we have to draw the keypad. To do this in the middle of the body is drawn rectangular protrusion.
It remains to draw notes on the desk. If the piano lid is open, it is necessary to draw the black keys and white demarcate. Short pencil strokes, apply to the housing piano and the drawing is ready.


Pipe draw a bit more complicated, since there are not only direct, but also rounded shapes. There are a few small details, which also must be transferred to the canvas.

First, create a diagram, it consists of several rectangles that lie on each other. The first will then be part of the pipe where the exits and where air enters.
Under it, draw a second - at length. It symbolizes the curved portion of the tube. The third - the smallest rectangle - the lower part of the valve mechanisms.
Now draw a figure at the top of a small mouthpiece at the left side and the big bell on the right. They are joined by two straight parallel lines, it is - a long tube.
Further, part of the long tube becomes a curved shape, the label on the second item rectangle.
Now you need to draw a valve 3, which pushes the trumpeter to raise or lower the sound. Their head is depicted on the upper part of the rectangle where the straight part of the tube was drawn.
All 3 of the valve are down, where they end in the third rectangle. Now take the eraser and erase the auxiliary line rectangles, and the basic circle with a bold line.
In conclusion, you need a soft pencil to shade part of the instrument, making it the shade. Figure tube ready.

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