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How to draw mountain stages pencil

How to draw mountain stages pencil

Unique landscapes of mountainous terrain gaze.

Therefore, it is natural desire of many young artists learn to draw mountains.

They can be represented in stages, using a pencil, paint and markers.



Divide the sheet visually into three parts. In the lower third of the sheet draw two wavy lines. One - starting almost from the edge of the sheet, and the other - do a little, as if covering the top part of the figure nerascherchennuyu.

to draw mountains


On the left, draw a great mountain, and on the right side of the sheet - a small pond. As a rule, with the highest peaks down down mountain rivers, forming a lake.

mountain stages


Doris another mountain in the middle of the sheet as itIt is shown in the picture. Add the last part of the mountains. Do not forget. that lines need not be straight. Numerous bends and sharp corners - an integral part of the mountainous terrain.

mountain pencil


In the background still picture the two small elite. At the foot, draw the line of grass. grass cover portray small fence.

how to draw mountains


Circle the resulting image more bold pencil, eraser erase extra lines.

the mountains


Take crayons or paint and add color. For the mountains themselves take the brown and gray tones. At the tops, leave unfilled white snow cap. The pond at the foot take a blue-blue. Grassland green color the paint. That's how you got to draw the mountain stages.

paint the mountains

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