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How to draw an ice cream pencil

Cups for ice cream - cone or a truncated cone

Briquettes, horns, cups, popsicle ... If you look closely, the ice cream has a very simple form, so draw it under the force of even a beginner.

When drawing pencil is important to convey the structure of the material.

Start with a cup

The easiest way to draw an ice cream in a wafflecup or cone. Leaf better put vertically. Spend the middle of a long vertical line. At the bottom of the horizontal swipe it. On the vertical line mark the height of the cup and the height of the scoops of ice cream. Through these mark a horizontal line. Cups, if you imagine it on the plane, has the shape of a trapezoid, in which the lower base of approximately one and a half times the length of the top. Needless to say, the trapezoid should be isosceles. Draw a figure. The upper base will lie on the line, you had a mark across the height of the cup.

The drawing will look more natural if the line will be a little uneven.

Wafers have a convexity

Please note that the wafers have unevensurface. They are divided into squares whose sides are slightly in favor of the contours of the cup. Divide the vertical line on 4 approximately equal parts, draw through these points perpendiculars to the intersection with the contours of the cup. At the points of intersection draw small bumps. Connect bumps pairs of parallel arcs, convex portions are directed downward. Like other objects conical or cylindrical shape, the upper loop seems oval wafer cup. Clearly visible part of the line, located closer to the viewer, and the opposite. The lower the glass with respect to the eye of the beholder - the oval will be wider. This applies to the bottom of the contours. But the opaque wafer, so is only visible to the viewer proximal part of the circuit.

Horn, too, is divided into squares, but they often are located in relation to the center line on the diagonal.

Ice cream

Of course the ice cream is a ball, the lowerpart of which is hidden in the cup. The ball may be of irregular shape - asymmetrical, with slightly elongated upper portion, etc. Submitting the form of ice cream and cup is quite simple. It is enough to spend a couple of lines parallel to the side contours.

Ice cream shop

If you want to draw a window of the shop wheresell ice cream, draw a shelf, and on it - a few varieties of ice cream. Horn drawn almost the same as a glass, it is only in the plane is not a trapezoid, and an isosceles triangle. Briquettes - it's just a rectangular parallelepiped, and in general almost any cream can be represented as a combination of relatively simple geometrical bodies. Above the showcase can make even a signboard. Above the showcase can hang a sign. Sometimes signs written "ice cream" and sometimes even "marozhenoe" but correctly will still be "ice cream."

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