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How to draw ice cream pencil


Glass for ice cream - cone or truncated cone</a>

Briquettes, horns, cups, eskimo ... If you look closely, the ice cream has a very simple shape, so that it can be painted even by a beginner.

When drawing with a pencil it is important to transfer the structure of the material.

Starting with a glass

The easiest way to draw an ice cream in a waffleA glass or a horn. It is better to put the sheet vertically. Draw a long vertical line in the middle. At the bottom, draw a horizontal line to it. On the vertical line, mark the height of the cup and the height of the ice cream ball. Through these marks, draw horizontal lines. A glass, if presented on a plane, has the form of a trapezoid, in which the bottom base is about one and a half times shorter than the upper one. Needless to say, the trapezoid should be isosceles. Draw this shape. The upper base will lie on the straight line that you passed through the height mark of the cup.

The drawing will look more natural if the lines are slightly uneven.

Wafers have bulges

Pay attention to the fact that the wafers are unevensurface. They are divided into squares, the sides of which slightly protrude beyond the contours of the cup. Divide the vertical line into 4 approximately equal parts, draw through these points perpendiculars until it intersects with the contours of the cup. At the intersection points draw small bumps. Connect the hillocks with pairs of parallel arcs, the convex parts of which are directed downwards. Like other objects of conical or cylindrical shape, the upper contour of the wafer cup seems to be an oval. The part of the line closer to the viewer and the opposite one are clearly visible. The lower the cup in relation to the eyes of the observer - the oval will be wider. This also applies to the contours of the bottom. But the wafers are opaque, so only the part of the contour closest to the viewer is visible.

The horn is also divided into squares, only they are located more often in relation to the center line on the diagonal.

Ice cream

The ice cream itself is a ball, the lowerPart of which is hidden in a glass. The ball can be irregular in shape - asymmetrical, with a slightly elongated upper part, etc. Transfer the shape of the ice cream and a glass is quite simple. It is enough to draw several lines parallel to the side contours.

Ice cream shop

If you want to draw a shop window, whereSell ​​ice cream, draw a shelf, and on it - ice cream of several varieties. The horn is drawn almost the same way as a glass, only on the plane it is not an apex but an isosceles triangle. Briquettes are just rectangular parallelepipeds, and in general almost any ice cream can be represented as a combination of fairly simple geometric bodies. You can even make a sign over the shop window. You can hang a sign over the storefront. Sometimes on the signs write "ice cream", sometimes even "ice cream", but it will still be "ice cream".

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