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How to draw a pencil falls in stages?

How to draw a pencil falls in stages?

You can learn how to draw well at any age. The main thing - to depict the selected object in stages.

Then, on a piece of paper will gradually emerge tableau, such as a waterfall.

Just move on to watercolors and gouaches are not worth it, better to master the technique of painting, individual parts with a pencil.

Make a picture chart

First is a sketch of the falls, and reliefrelated landscape subjects. The top of the label sheet rock. It was from its top will trickle down a waterfall. Mark it schematically. Let it be until the rectangle, pull down.
Draw a small lake at the foot of the mountain,which formed the falling water element. Let it be circular or slightly oval. To the right and left of the boulder 2-4 mark. They lie at the foot of the mountain.

We attach a picture volume

Figure must take a three-dimensional form. In place of the rectangle, which schematically shows a waterfall, draw several vertical lines. Subsequently, it will be streams of water.
Make more realistic first right andthen the left side of the cliff. Add them to output. If the rock consists of stones, boulders then drawn a rounded shape. Perhaps, your rock is full of vegetation. Then on it you can still draw a schematic grass, small bushes and trees.
Further, it is necessary with a pencilshade some parts of the picture. Strokes can help become a picture of the volume. If they are put on the edge of the boulders, it will be seen, however realistic are these big stones - become a convex shape, appear light and shade.

Determine which side of the picture is the sun that with a pencil mark the shadows and light in the picture.

Vertical strokes turn schematicallypainted waterfall in dynamic streaming. In the place where it flows into the lake, spend a few wavy lines. Then it will be much like a waterfall hits the water expanse.

Small details - stones, grass better hatch short lines. A large - waterfall, lake - long.

Draw the accompanying landscape

If the upper part of the figure you are schematically depicted the bushes, the trees, it is now time to give and them more realistic. Let the top background towering spruce.
They represent quite simple. First drawn barrel. Further, to the tip of the right and left at an angle of approximately 50 degrees from it deviate threads. Give them fluffy and will pencil.
Do very little touches first on one,and then on the other side branch. This creates needles all over the tree. At the very far background can be seen the barrels with the outlines of the branches without needles.
Around some of the boulders that do not lie on the beach and the lake, draw circles. It will seem that they are on the water, which brings with it the top of the mountain waterfall.
This is so easy to draw a waterfall pencil. If this is done the child to the parents, and signed his first painting "vadapat", they still understand what he meant, and hang a picture in a prominent place.

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