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How to draw a pencil chipmunk

Chipmunk is very similar to the protein, but less

Chipmunk - a small rodent very similar to the protein. It differs from it in that the tail is not so fluffy, and along the back are dark strips.

Draw pencil chipmunk can be in the same sequence as the protein.

Where does a chipmunk?

Portray chipmunk better profile. In this perspective, you can transfer all of its special characteristics. The sheet can be arranged as you wish. Before starting to paint the animal figure, think about where it will sit. For example, on driftwood. Mark the position of the driftwood line curve. Draw the outlines. Strict rules are not similar object may be the most bizarre form.

The proportions of a baby chipmunk somewhat different from an adult animal proportions. His head is slightly larger, and the tail - thinner.

The torso and head

Consider a picture of a chipmunk. Imagine, in which geometric shapes can enter parts of his body. The body with legs - a fairly wide oval. When the squirrel sitting on a snag, his back is almost parallel to the branch, but the convex part facing up. Draw this oval and schedule its long axis. With regard to the head, it also represents a short and narrow oval, the long axis of which is located to the long axis of a large oval at an angle of 135 °.

Chipmunk, like any rodent, wagging his head, so that its position is changed. This angle is only in the event that animal sitting relatively quietly.

The muzzle, ears, eyes

In all parts of the chipmunk faces areovals of different sizes. Ears - small wide oval, the long axes of which are located in the angle vertically. Eyes - about the same size as the ears, and the same shape, only the long axes lie horizontally. Of course, animal, sitting sideways to the viewer can see only one eye. One ear can be seen well from the second - only the edge.

Paws and tail

Draw a chipmunk stomach. Its edge is just above the bottom contour line of the oval. The angle between the abdomen and chin slightly rounded, and the place where converge oval body and head, straighten. Draw the legs. In chipmunk - luxurious thick hair, so can be seen only the legs below the knee and legs with sharp claws, which tightly covers the animal snag.

Wool, tail, stripes

Draw the tail. He's chipmunk is quite long, equal to the length of the body and the head together. The tail can be totally straight, curved slightly raised up, and even coiled. To complete the picture, Draw wool long strokes going in different directions. Hairs on the face of the eye are in different directions on the body - from the neck to the tail, the tail - symmetrically relative to the axis of the body to the tip. Do not forget to draw a strip along the back of the dark.

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