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How to draw a pen

How to draw a pen

Ballpoint pen always at hand.

And if there is free time, many people like to paint something in the workplace, at home or studies.

But it's worth knowing how to do it correctly to your drawings become something more than the notes in the margins.

You will need

  • Ballpoint pen and paper.



ballpoint pen drawing technique is not muchdifferent from the pencil drawing techniques, and the main difference lies in the fact that held the handle line is very difficult to erase. It is therefore particularly important to plan the space of your page and all your actions, because the error will be very difficult to fix. On this basis, it is best to begin with light movements outline the approximate position that you are going to draw.


Another important point - the ballpoint pen is verydifficult to make tonal transitions, so the most useful technique is hatching. Shielding the right places on your shaded. The more intense you will hatch, the richer will be the tone. Thus it is possible to do the shadows of varying depth and emphasize the shape.

How to draw a pen

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