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How to draw a pen


How to draw a pen</a>

A ballpoint pen is always at hand.

And if there is free time, many people like to paint something in the workplace, at school or at home.

But for this it is worthwhile to know how to do it correctly, so that your sketches become something more than notes on the margins.

You will need

  • Ballpoint pen, paper.



The technique of drawing a ballpoint pen is not strongDiffers from the technique of drawing in pencil, and the main difference is that the line drawn by the pen is very difficult to erase. Therefore, it is especially important to plan the space of your sheet and all your actions, because the error will be very difficult to fix. Proceeding from this, it is best to begin with an easy movement to outline the approximate position of what you are going to draw.


Another important point - the ballpoint pen is veryIt is difficult to make tonal transitions, so the most acceptable technique is hatching. Shade the necessary places in your drawing with hatching. The more intensive you hatch, the more intense the tone will be. In this way, you can make shadows of different depths and underline shapes.

How to draw a pen

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