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How to draw a pattern


How to draw a pattern</a>

A pattern is a drawing of the details of a future product,With which you can sew anything. They are used not only for tailoring, but also for making toys, as well as curtains and other products.

And how to draw a pattern?

Consider the process using the pattern for a skirt.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - ruler-
  • - a pencil-
  • - The eraser.



Draw the basis of the pattern of the skirt. First, remove the three measures: waist circumference, hip circumference and length. Then divide the circles into four. In this formula, substitute your own values.
- circumference of the waist - 74 cm-74: 4 = 18,5-
- Circumference of hips - 104 cm-104: 4 = 26-
- length - 72 cm.


From the top corners of the pattern, the points "a", lay down along the line the length of the skirt, i.e. 72 cm. Then, from the points "a" to the point "c", put 2.5 cm on the front panel and 1.5 cm on the back - for the cut of the skirt.


Set it aside? Circumference of the waist - the distance of the curve "B". Note that on the front panel to the value you need to add 2 cm, and on the back panel remove 2 cm to move the side seam back.


Postpone the point "d", located from a point to belowAt 18-20 cm - this will be the location of the line of the thighs. Now draw a straight line of thighs in the form of an arc parallel to the waist line. Then mark the "x" point 10 cm below the "d" point.


Spend the second line of the hips "LZ", determining,Thus, the line of the thigh circumference. Do not forget about an additional 2 cm on the front panel and about reducing the size to the same 2 cm on the back panel of the pattern of the skirt.


Draw a line of the bottom of the skirt pattern. For a basis take a line of a circle of hips. Add to the corresponding size of 3 cm on the front and back panel.


Pass the side seams, connecting the points "g", "e""", "And". To match the pattern to the shape of the female figure, make the distance "g" smoother - add 3-4 cm to the side and draw the curved lines.


Draw darts for excess fabric. Arrange them at a distance of 8-12 cm from the middle line for the front panel and at a distance of 7-9 cm for the back panel. The length of the dart must be 14-17cm.

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